Our Bahamas Trip Part 2

In part one I talked about our adventures getting to Eleuthera, now I can tell you about our time there!

We got out super early the next day, which was not so easy after a whole day at the airport and night being shuttled around Florida lol. Luckily there were no more flight probs and we arrived in Eleuthera later that morning. We went through customs which took all of 5 mins and shortly after our rental van arrived. It was a relief my Dad was able to not only find a van for all of us to fit in the same car( I would not be good at driving on the left side of the road!) but car seats too!

Since we landed on the other side of the island than we were staying we got to drive through almost all of Eleuthera! It was so fun to see all the towns and architecture and vegetation, so different from the midwest.

We stayed onΒ Windermere island, which is a small gated island off of Eleuthera. The house was perfect for our group. It was all one level so we did not have to worry about stairs with Joaquim and there was a small yard space for them to play in as well as a pool that was shared with a couple of the neighboring houses. I loved that the pool was close but you could not see it from the house so I again was not worried about the kids running out there without an adult!

One of the things I loved about Eleuthera/Windemere is that one side is the Atlantic ocean and the other is the Carribean sea. You get to experience two amazing bodies of water and its walkable from water to water. It was pretty wavy on the Atlantic side so we really only swam there one day, but enjoyed so many beautiful walks on the beach during the kids nap times and my mom and I even did one during sunrise that was just breathtaking.

We stuck to the channel of the Carribean side on Windemere most days which was super calm and shallow. The water was gorgeous and warm and the kids loooooved being little fishes and exploring sea life. We spotted some starfish, schools of fish, a sea turtle and even some sting rays! The house also had kayaks we took out for a day, as well as some bikes and a few sand toys for the kids.

My Mom hired the caretaker of the house Bobette to cook a couple dinners for us while we were there that were super yummy! One night was a Bahamian BBQ with ribs and another was their version of a fish fry that was also amazing! A few nights we went out to eat as well, 1648 was a beautiful restaurant in a resort that was being redone that used to be a Club Med. They had wonderful oceanside dining and the food was superb. Another place we went was Tippy’s. We tried some conch fritters there that were pretty darn good and the coconut shrimp was delish. This seemed more like a bar scene tho ( we went early and it wasnt so busy) but would be really fun late night stop if you are sans kids.

Speaking of kids, Joaquim and Mia looooved it there! From swimming in the ocean or sea, holding starfish, building sandcastles and hunting for seashells they were living their best life! Mia said several times she wished she was an island girl, and at one point she even said she was NOT coming back with us and would stay there and go to school with Bobette’s Β Granddaughter Layla. I felt her pain, I wanna be an island girl too lol.

We had such a wonderful time in the Bahamas and I’d say our first time traveling with kids and their first ocean experiences were a success! Now my fears of traveling with littles has gone down considerably and I am looking forward to our next adventure whenever that may be!

Here are some photos and a short video from our time in Eleuthera!

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