Friday Favorites




words from italy

Words From Italy Instagram. I came across this randomly and it’s been fun to learn another Italian word or two! I should probably find a French one for the trip next year tho!

Water Squirter toys Mike got for the Bahamas. These things were theeee best toy to bring for our beach vacation. I dont know who had more fun with these the kids or my Mom or Mike lol. Im sure they will be used a ton this summer still at the lake or in the backyard!
Eleuthera Bahamas. You guys! I still can’t get over how beautiful Eleuthera is!!! If you ever take a trip to the Bahamas and are looking for a more peaceful, quiet, less touristy local Eleuthera is the place to be!! The beaches are all stunning and there are more than 135 on the island! The people are friendly and food is great, I could go on and on!  I’ll be doing my part 2 post on our trip soon with lots of pics and more info on what we did on the island while we were there 🙂
 Hannah’s smores dip recipe. I saw this on her instastories a while back and demanded the recipe! I have yet to make it but it is on the bucket list for this summer! So simple yet a fun new way to enjoy smore! Hershey bars broken up, then marsh mellows laid on top, bake in the oven at 450, for 7 mins and then broil 30 seconds! Use graham crackers to dip!
 farmers tote.jpg
Farmers market baskets. My Instagram feed has been filled with pics of the most beautiful straw farmer’s market bags lately! They look so beautiful and summery all filled with fresh produce and blooms. I have one on my wish list but am thinking it wont be purchased until next summer. This one pictured you can find here.
Bloodline on Netflix and World of Dance on NBC. Bridget posted about Bloodline a while back and I just finished the first season and loooved it! So intense, so many layers! If you’re in need of a good show to get hooked on check it out! Also World of Dance!! Back when ABDC was on MTV Mike and I were obbsssseeeessed and now some of those dance crews are competing on this show! If you like dance shows you’ll love this one, plus I have a total girl crush on Jenna Dewan Tatum so  there’s that too.
summer capsule.jpg
In Honor Of Design’s capsule summer wardrobe and Thursday Insta- carpool Karoke. Another thing brought to my attention by Bridget. Thank you Bridget! These are so so funny! I havent seen her do one for a few weeks but if she gets back into them check it out! And her summer wardrobe capsule intrigues me…it really does! I juuust couldnt pull the trigger/have the courage to do it this summer, maybe next year? She does it soooo well though, all her outfits are so pretty and summery!

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