Little gems from a summer date night

It is rare that Mike and I go out on a date night, but I will say we are getting better at it. As time passes and the kids grow it gets a little easier to do and we always have

We originally planned on going to Summerfest, but after not being too thrilled with the lineup for the night we decided to go out to dinner downtown instead. That was such a win you guys!! With most of the city being down at summerfest, restaurants that normally have the longest waits or that you need reservations to were empty, or in the least had a table ready right away. Β I will definitely be keeping this in mind for next year too!

On the way downtown I suggested we do a progressive meal of sorts where we go get a drink somewhere, get an app somewhere else, entree at a different spot and end with dessert at another spot. Mike was hesitant but agreed and in the end we both enjoyed it! It’s a nice way to get to try some different places out, scope out their menus, and just make date night last a liiiittle longer.

Another first on this date night was that I finally wore my little white dress! I had purchased it from a friend at work a two summers ago and never found the right occasion to wear it. Most events where I would get this dressy would be for weddings and well, you can’t wear white to those can you? But that night as I looked through my closet to find something to wear I thought why not? It’s summer so white looks best on anyone now when you’re Β more tan than winter, it’s not a wedding event, we were going was the perfect opportunity! I didn’t want to look too fancy though, we really didn’t know where we were going yet so I needed to dress it down a bit. I wore my tan gladiator sandals and a light wash jean jacket with it and I think it dresses it down juuust enough to be food for grabbing a burger but pretty enough for a nice restaurant as well.

We started the night by stopping at our friend’s house for a drink, a really yummy drink make by the freshest yummiest juices and prosecco. We sat outside and caught up on life and laughed and enjoyed each other’s company and it was so so great!

They suggested we try the restaurant Wolf Peach so we headed there next for an appetizer. The place was sssso cute! The prefect little date night spot. The building and decor itself reminded me of Tuscany and has a very summerry romantic vibe. We sat inside because they had a table right away and it was a 40 min wait for a table out on their patio, but i would Β totally go back again and make reservations just to sit out on that gorgeous space that overlooks the river!! But again, Sat at 7 and we got a table right away, win.

Their menu looked super Italian and yummy, we settled on two apps, I picked their cod fritters and Mike chose a watermelon bruschetta. We both looooved our choices and I wish I had some more right now.

Next we went to Louise’s and shared a plate of short rib ravioli with a sage cream sauce that was also deeelish! They service way great but the vibe there was kind of eh cuz it wa dead empty and really dark, which could have been romantic but we were right next to the bar and all the servers and the bartender hug out there so it was not so much. Also on the way in there was a man outside yelling at people on the street and let’s just say that’s not the best way to start a meal lol. But we still had fun and the food was great and my mojito was even better.

By the time we paid at Louise’s it was too late to make it anywhere for dessert that we would sit down and eat, so we headed over to insomnia cookies on the east side and bought a dozen cookies to take home and share with Mike’s parents who watched the kiddos for us and with Mia and Joaquim the next day.

It was such a fun date night and I’m looking forward to our next one, whenever it shall be πŸ™‚


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