Six Years

Six years ago today, he put on a sharp suit and I wore a beautiful white dress and we stood before the people we love and care for most and said I do.  And you know what? Each year has been better than the last. Have there been challenges? Yes. Do we get along a hundred percent of the time? No. Do we always see eye to eye on parenting our children? Of course not. But each year our love grows, our understanding of each other grows, our friendship grows, our passion grows, our partnership grows.

We have seen each other grow in our careers, into our roles as parents and spouses, as adults as well and I just feel so lucky to have found him, and that he found me and that we found each other.

I’ve always been a bit (ok a lot) of a romantic and I can’t help but get all the more romantical when I think about the odds of us meeting. I mean, we were born in different countries, grew up in different states… if my Dad hadn’t been transferred for work, if that temporary transfer didn’t become a permanent move     to America, if I hadn’t given in to my mom’s constant push to go to school in state, if he had gone to another many ifs! But we did! And how amazing is that?! To find someone across the globe that understands you to your core. Who can finish your sentences or better yet knows what you are thinking without you ever saying it, knowing exactly what you need without you ever having to ask for it or sometimes knowing it yourself, someone who feels like home.

So happy anniversary to my love, the one who loves me at my worst and makes me my best, the one who supports me and empowers me and kisses me goodnight. The father of my children and my best friend. I said it on our wedding day and I’ll say it again, Te amo com todo meu coração.

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