Friday Favorites Beach Edition



Who says twinning is just for mama and daughter? Mike was in need of a new pair of swim trunks for our trip so I was sure to take advantage of it and got him and Joaquim matching blue and white gingham swim trunks! πŸ™‚ I cannot wait to see my two guys twinning at the beach! I found Mike’s here and Sarah had posted about these a while ago which are the ones I got for Joaquim!


These suitcases! My parents were sweet enough to get our kiddos their very own suitcases for the trip and I cant get over how cute they are! The kids have already been putting them to use, dragging them around the house pretending they are leaving to go somewhere. Mia’s has the full rotating wheels too which are a total win in my book.Β Β Joa will say ” School time!” and pretend he is going to school for the day, it is sooo darling, I just cant stand it. One thing I will say is I asked my mom about the Monogramming/Name embroidery and she mentioned that she read somewhere that it’s not a good idea because then strangers can learn your kid’s names…I had never even thought about that you guys! The more you know right?!


Magic Mugs.jpg

It will be Father’s Day while we are on our trip so I wanted something small yet meaningful. It needed to be easy to pack but I wanted them to be able to use it on the trip too. When I came across these magic mugs at Walgreens I knew they were the perfect gift! Both Mike and my Dad are avid coffee drinkers and how fun is it that the pictures appear once you pour hot liquid in the mug?! Β For my Dad’s I chose a picture of me and him when I was a baby and then a pic of each of the kiddos. For Mike’s there is a picture of the kiddos on the bike trailer ( that is a favorite activity for them that is just a “Daddy” thing” ) and then a pic of him with each of the kids when they were younger. ( I say that like their teens now lol)



This giveaway for a Concentration Kit from Rocky Mountain Oils on my last post! Travel can mean time change and diffusing cedarwood and orange will be a go to to help my little ones settle into the change! Be sure to comment on this post to enter and get an extra entry by following me on Instagram and tagging a friend!



waterproof phone case.jpg

This waterproof phone case for my iphone! I plan to take lots of pics while in the pool or ocean and I want my phone to be safe! Both Sarah and Brittany recommended this and I cant wait to give it a try!


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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