MDW Part Two and a Giveaway!

Sunday morning I got to stay in bed a little longer while Mike got up with the kids and whipped up some breakfast. There was some super yummy French toast made with the eggs we bought at the farmer’s market and of course bacon with a side of coffee. I love mornings like that, when I can lay in bed for a while and listen to little feet running around downstairs coupled with shrieks and giggles and a whole lot of “Daddy! Daddy! Pick me up! Daddy! Daddy throw me high up in the sky!” lol

We moved slow that morning, no agenda, a nice change for us. After breakfast Mike took a nap and I folded laundry while listening to spotify’s coffee table jazz playlist. It just makes the task so much more enjoyable. Mia kept me company while I put the laundry away, moving from room to room and gazing out the window like the day dreamer she is. The rest of the day was just as laid back, and we grilled out for dinner again, because, well that’s just what you do on MDW. At night I diffused some orange and cedarwood oil before the kiddos went to bed. I love blending these oils to create a calm atmosphere before bed time. Orange had such a lovely bright scent and cedarwood is great for evening out my kiddos witching hour moods.

Monday morning we went out to breakfast with Mike’s parents before spending the rest of the day outside. We went on a wonderful family hike on the ice age trail and Mia has been asking to go back ever since! There were so many different kinds of wildflowers on the trail and everything was so green and lush! It was the first time we went on a hike where we just let Joaquim walk and did not bring a stroller with us. Wow did he surprise me with how well he did staying on the trail! He would point out different trees, or say “Mama bird!” whenever he heard a chirp, but stayed behind his big sister the official “line leader” the whole time! Mia did great too always asking him if he was ok and taking his hand to help him over a fallen tree or rocky part of the trail. I made my own bug spray with RMO’s Bug Off blend for this hike and tried it out for the first time. It seemed to work well as we were left bite free! I will be testing it out more this summer but it will be so nice if we can find a natural way to keep the bugs away!

It rained for a spell that afternoon but wouldnt you know it, Β there was a full double rainbow right after? We always love a good rainbow around here πŸ™‚ We grilled out one last time Monday night and hit the hay early trying to get ahead of the struggle that is getting back to routine after a long weekend.

As summer vacation officially begins it can be hard to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. Whether its packing for a trip or a big move, planning out activities and parties for the summer, working on that project you didnt have time for earlier or just plain getting household chores done; everything seems harder to accomplish in the slow pace of summertime.

To help stay focused and concentrate this summer, RMO was kind enough to give me one of their wonderful Concentration Kit’s to give away to one of my readers! The kit comes with three wonderful essential oil blends: Energize, Attention Assist and Joyful Moments as well as Cedarwood and Orange essential oils! To enter simply leave a comment on my blog saying what you plan to use the kit for this summer! You can get an extra entry by following me on Instagram and tagging someone in the comments of the post for this giveaway there as well! The giveaway will stay open for a week and a winner will be announced here on Thursday 6/15/17! UPDATE: This giveaway is international so feel free to enter if you are outside the U.S!

Good Luck!

23 thoughts on “MDW Part Two and a Giveaway!

  1. I would diffuse these EOs at home with the fam. Who couldn’t use a little extra help in the focus department. πŸ˜‰

  2. Sounds like a perfect day to me! I have RMO’s roller ball for kids for bugs and loveeee it! Such a fun giveaway! Who couldn’t use more concentration and focus in their life!? I could see this totally coming in handy when school starts up BUT let’s not even go there.

  3. Oh I hope I win! I have two big events this summer and this kit would be a lovely help! I am just finishing a pretty major remodeling project (gutted kitchen, all bathroom remodels, full house makeover), and will have only two weeks to put my house back together before company arrives! I can really use the help of the Energize and Attention Assist oils to keep me working and focused as I organize my new space! And this leads to my second major summer event: my mom and my aunt are coming for a visit from Brazil, where they live, and will stay for a whole month! I can’t wait to show them around and spend many relaxing moments together, and Joyful Moments would be the perfec oil to difuse!!! The whole kit sounds like the perfect summer companion!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness I love essential oils! I have slowly begun using them more and more. I diffuse them, use them on our dryer balls, make lotion, bathe with them, and use them for different ailments like acne, bug bites, and a planters wart to name a few! I’ve never tried this brand of EOs, or many of the types in the kit… but boy oh boy does my oldest son need help focusing… and me too!!

  5. I’d use this kit for everything! Essential oils are a definite MUST for everything. Too many chemicals are used in our day to day. I love to diffuse oils while my kids eat breakfast-especially ones like energize! No more candles, only oils!!

  6. We would love to try these this summer to help focus and mood in everyone! I love trying new essential oils.

  7. Well now that I’ve started up my blog, I could use the extra concentration both at work and at home! πŸ™‚ Hoping to get to try these goodies this summer! Thanks for doing this giveaway! ❀

  8. HI!! I use the “energize” family of ones on thurs and friday nights after work. Joyful when we have people over πŸ™‚

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