Friday Favorites

Another round with some of my favorite things!!!


1. It’s just a phase tank- I came across this tank randomly one day at Walmart. I never really look for clothes at Walmart but as I was walking past the pj area it was right on the aisle and I got all the heart eyes for it! I’ve gotten so many compliments on it too and people are always surprised when I say where I got it lol.

leather clutch.jpg

2.  This gorgeous hand stitched leather clutch- When Amanda reached out to me and we started discussing reviewing a piece from her etsy shop, my heart went out to her  with her story. They are a veteran family. Husband and her both. She is permanently disabled, wheelchair bound and they have 3 boys ages 12, 9, and 3 months. She stays at home with the 3 month old and is unable to work a regular job so she relies on their 3 home businesses (1 being this Etsy shop) plus disability to help financially bring in money for their family. She has a love and passion for leather work!  This clutch is a handmade and hand stitched brown leather clutch with a buffalo tooth enclosure. It is raw and rustic edges. Perfect for anything from festival season, or a trip to the county fair, to date night or even a rustic wedding!  Amanda’s Handmade Treasures makes custom Handmade leather products as well as crochet scarves and throws, custom medical first aid and trauma kits. All of which are available for order on Etsy shop. She also makes custom orders! I am touched by Amanda’s story and I hope you are too. Check out her Etsy shop here and get yourself something gorgeous! You will be helping out a family that has served our country, thank you Amanda for all that you do!


3. Mangos!- I NEVER used to like mangoes. We have mango trees at our family ranch in Brazil and I remember as a kid my cousins loving to ride horses through the orchard and pick fresh mangoes from the tree. Me, not so much. But recently I got some for the kids to try and gave them a try again and looooved them! They are so sweet and refreshing and while I used to think the flavor was too strong, now I dont for some reason! So bring on the mangoes, and Ive been thinking maybe mango juice? Maybe a Mango mimosa?


4. Cove Leggings- I’m pretty sure I’ve posted about these before but these are by far my new fave leggings! They are high waisted but dont cut off your circulation where you cant breathe, they are actually super comfy! The silhouette is so flattering and lifts your booty up nicely. They also have a super fancy cooling technology that keeps you cool while you wear them! And trust me this works, tested them out in my pilates class and on a hike with the fam on a hot day and they were peeerfect!

5. Threshold Sweater Knit Throw and Falsa blankets- Even in the summertime I always like to have a cozy throw around. For cool summer nights or to have a picnic on they are just nice to have! I got the cream color  sweater knit throw a while back for our bed and loved it so much I got a navy one for our living room too! They are sooooo soft and keep you warm but dont over heat you either. Falsa blankets I love to use for picnics outside or laying out in the sun but are great to cozy up to as well. Mine are from Rad Earth Supply Co. and Fernweh Home.


6. Madden Girl Gold Sandals- ever since the like it to know it fashion blogger conference happened I had been seeing those dang cute rose gold birks EVERYWHERE. And I’m sorry but I dont have that much money to throw at a sandal. So I searched and searched and found these that are a much more reasonable price and I thing still pretty dang cute!

7. Sonoma Girls Summer Dresses- Mia recently had her 4K graduation so we of course needed a new dress for the occasion. I found these darling dresses at Kohl’s and I love how light weight they are for the summer!


8. Back porch hangs- Now that the weather is warm all I want to do it hang out on our back porch! Set up the water table, eat dinner cooked on the grill, catch some rays, read a book, it’s where you’ll find us a lot this summer!


9. ASOS Hat- I got this hat for our trip to the Bahamas later this month but wore it out to the Farmer’s market last week already 🙂 I love the size and color of the straw. Reasonable price too!

honest lotion.jpg

10. Honest Co. Orange Vanilla Lotion- With  extra sun rays comes extra dry skin, at least for me and I just love how soothing this lotion is! The scent is sweet yet calming and it goes on light and not greasy! We do bundle orders with Honest Co. and a bottle of this is almost always in our order!

There you go! Some of my favorites for my fave link up! Hope y’all have a fabulous weekend!



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