A Laid Back MDW Part One

We had such a beautiful weekend for MDW this year! The weather had been predicting rain off and on all the week prior so it sure felt like a blessing to have sunshine filled days!

Friday I worked from home for 1/2 the day and then made sure to get outside with the fam! We took the water table out and the kids just had a blast! That thing really is a parent’s best friend. Then the boys went down for a nap (Mike had the day off) and Mia and I played outside and took her baby doll Waterfall on a walk. Then later, once Joaquim was up, I took the kids on another walk around the neighborhood while Mike kept napping into  afternoon ( it’s important to give each other breaks!)  and we made sure to observe all the new flowers our neighbors have been planting. We grilled out for dinner that night and then hit the hay.

Saturday we went to the Farmer’s market for the first time this year! I always love going as a family, being outside, seeing all the different stands, the farmers and their families, all the colorful produce and beautiful flowers, the live music and all the amazing smells, it’s one of my favorite summer traditions. Last year we barely went which is sad.

We picked up a few tomato plants for the garden at the farmer’s market but the herb selection wasnt the best so off to Stein’s we went. Mike was on a mission to get only the herbs we planned for, while Mia and I totally got lost in all the pretty blooms they had there. The peonies, roses, dahlias, and more all so colorful, I want them all! After a scolding from Mike when we suggested some pretty pricey but gorgeous Azaleas, Mia and I settled for a sweet coral pink begonia. Later a little squirmy worm friend was found in said begonia and provided lots of entertainment for the chickadees.

The rest of Saturday was spent outside of course. It was actually hot outside. Like ice melting in your glass hot, and I loved every second of it. The water table was once again the main event, and all the scooping, pouring, and splashing were accompanied by the best sounding shrieks and giggles.

Mike took to planting and mowing and trimming and all those things that he does that I do not know how to do, or cannot do. Ive said it before and Ill say it again I totally have a black thumb. I try and I love having our garden and plants and flowers, I really really do! But no matter what I do I manage to kill anything I try to care for. So my dear husband, willingly ( for the most part, see the azaleas I mentioned before) plants and cares for all the plant babies I bring home, or ask for or are given to me. Bless him.

We ate lunch outside, Joaquim took a long nap, and Mia played with her babies and umbrellas. At one point our sweet neighbors came outside and Mia and Joaquim would.not.leave.them.alone. It was so cute but totally embarrassing at the same time. Mia kept yelling out things like “Rich! Riiiiich! Watch me ride my bike!” Riccch we are eating lunch now!” At one point she just invited herself over to their house and Kristin was nice enough to not only let her in, but provide her with snacks, answer all her odd and hilarious questions and then even let Mia give me a tour of their house! haha Oh man, we are lucky to have them next door. Did I mention they brought over a couple cold beers for us too? Bless them too.

That night Mike’s cousin Ryan came over and we grilled out for dinner, and wow how good does food taste fresh off the grill?!! Another reason I love summer. If I could I would probably cook on the grill for most my meals. We made foil packets of red peppers and potatoes and chicken with an Italian dressing type marinade I made with olive oil, sea salt, garlic powder, black pepper, rosemary, basil and oregano. Foil packets are the best because you can mix all different kinds of veggies and they come out so tender and full of flavor. I used the same marinade on the potato pepper foil packets that I used on the chicken and everyone seemed to like them.

Mike set up the tent in the backyard and Mia and him had a little camp out. It has become a summer tradition for these two and it is so adorable how excited Mia gets to get to go camping with her Daddy.

After I put Joaquim to bed, sand still in his hair and between his toes, and Mia was sound asleep in the tent, Mike and I sat by the fire. We looked at the stars and talked about nothing and everything and it was such a great way to end the day.


I got some compliments and questions on Instagram about a few things so here are some links:

Mia’s umbrella is from Kidorable

My dress I wore to the farmer’s market is from Hollister Co. 

My hat is from ASOS

My ruffle short is from One Teaspoon

Mia’s butterfly sandals are form Melissa Shoes

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