15 Summertime Faves


As Spring comes to a close and warmer temps remind us that summer is just around the corner, I find myself daydreaming of the little things that mean summertime to me:

  1. Mason jars filled with lemon water or lemonade
  2. Aviator Sunglasses
  3. Tan lines
  4. Sandy feet
  5. Striped beach towels
  6. Smell of sunscreen
  7. BBQs and fresh, cold fruit salads
  8. Homemade healthy popsicles
  9. Lake life
  10. Picnics in the shade
  11. Family walks around the neighborhood and hikes in the woods
  12. Sangria on the back patio
  13. County Fairs
  14. Fruit picking days and Farmer’s markets, and our garden!
  15. Fireflies and golden hour


And here are some pics of moments just like that from last summer. Cant wait to see what’s captured this year ❀

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