Spring Bucket List



Happy May Day! For some reason it doesnt really start to feel like Spring until May for me, although today is super rainy so it’s not quite feeling that way here yet.

Anways, I thought I’d share some of the Spring bucket list ideas that I came across in my Heart of the Farm Planner! I always love to have a bucket list for the season so I don’t forget to plan some seasonal fun with the kiddos before it comes it goes. Time flies! Here are some I found in my planner and some we like to do this time of year:

Spring Bucket List

1. Play in the rain- I just ordered the kids some rain boots and Mia a rain coat ( so behind on this!) no more snow boots in the mud lol

2. Zoo- we love seeing all the animals and we might even have Mia’s birthday party there this year.

3. Fly a kite- there is a great stand by the lakefront I want to take the kids to, just need a good warm windy day πŸ™‚

4. Frisbee – at the beach, in your backyard, the park, wherever really

5. Learn a new craft- not sure what this will be yet….

6. Visit a museum – always a good bucket list choice!

7. Paint somethingΒ this is always something Mia enjoys doing during Joaquim’s nap time on the weekends. If the weather is nice, we take her easel out on the back patio, play some music and paint under the sunshine!

8. Mini Golf- always a good time and this year I think Joaquim could participate…sort of..;)

9. Bonfire- cue the s’mores!

10. Sidewalk Chalk -Mia just got this cool Crayola sidewalk chalk that is shaped like the crayon! Way easier to hold!

11. Ride BikesΒ  -The kids have been out in the bike trailer with Mike but I want to get into this more, eventually getting Mia aΒ new bike ( maybe a balance bike?) , Joa a trike, and get into the habit of family bike rides.

12. Watch Sunrise Β –Β you know I love a good sunrise!

13. Barbecue– we’ve already grilled out a few times and I just looove it! Food just tastes better when cooked on a grill!

14. Plant GardenΒ – I partially crossed this off as seeds have been planted indoors and are starting to sprout but there is still lots to do in this dept!


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