Friday Favorites



damn good face wash

Damn Good Face Wash and Oil. I had added and emptied my cart for months, skeptical if it would actually be as good as I had been hearing it was but it is! It really is! I love that is is all natural and it leaves my face feeling soooo soft and moisturized. I seriously have noticed a change in my skin’s overall appearance within the first week of use.


Teddy Bear Park/ Stillwater, MN. We got to spend theΒ week before Easter in Stillwater, MN since my parent’s house is being renovated and we has such a good time! Teddy Bear park is a must if you are visiting and have little ones! It is so cute and has lots of safe play areas for little ones. ( I hate the playgrounds that only have equipment for the big kids, tots want to play too man!) The little downtown main street is so charming, with lots on antique shops and yummy restaurants. Nelson’s ice cream is also a must if you are in town!



Spring Blooms. When we got backΒ from MN it was like our home was welcoming us back with my magnolia tree in bloom! Our lilac bushes are also budding and it smells so dreamy is our back yard! I just love this time of year when its flowers flowers everywhere! Give me all the blooms!



Coffee. More and more into my addiction here. Yesterday I tried getting my ol’ fave (a skinny vanilla latte) at the cafe at work and I couldn’t believe how it tasted so so sugary to me! Like it legit tasted like vanilla milk. I have been getting the free coffee and just adding a dash of 1/2 1/2 or coconut milk creamer and I just cant go back to my old sugar filled ways. Nor do I want to!


Quik Video App. I found out about this app through an insta friend and made my first video with it for my Easter post and really like it! I like that you can add your own music and decided which clips you want volume on and off for. Highly recommend! I know I will be playing around with it a lot after our Bahamas trip, making all sorts of fun beachy vids of the fam ❀



Homemade Rustic Bruschetta. Hey guys, did you know how easy it is to make bruschetta? Well I don’y know it this is “technically” a true bruschetta…but all I did was take a french baguette and cut it up into small slices, drizzle some olive oil on them, then took the cherry tomatoes and cut them in 1/2 and tossed them in a little olive oil, salt, pepper, rosemary, oregano and garlic powder. The just spooned a bit of that on top of each piece of bread and baked at 350 for about 15/20 minutes or until the tomatoes start to burst/wrinkle. So easy!



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