A Hoppin’ Good Time in Minnesota

The week before Easter, I loaded my little bunnies in the car to spend an entire glorious week in Minnesota! My parents rented this beautiful house in Stillwater since theirs is mid renovation, and it was so fun to be right by the cute little Main Street and the St.Croix river. We arrived Tuesday afternoon and promptly explored feeding the wildlife the owners spoke of in their binder. Within minutes there were about 15 deer, a wild turkey and a trio of pheasants just a few Β feet away from the house! They would continue to come every day around 4/5:00 for their dinner and we loved watching them Β visit!

The next day we took the kids to Teddy Bear Park. It is the cutest park ever! They have teddy bear statues throughout the park and fun train and tree themed playground equipment, as well as a sand area with a beautiful rock bolder backdrop. They even have a party room for birthday parties! The kids adored it and we made it back a few more times while we were in town, once with my brother and once with Mike when he got in town. It was so fun to see my brother Andre play with my kids and they just love their Tio!

After the park, we went down by the river for the kids to explore the water and driftwood before making a stop at Candyland and then lunch at Lolo.

The next day was Good Friday, which we all inconveniently forgot and decided it would be a great day to take the kids to the Nickelodeon theme park at mall of America. Yup. Forgot until we got to the parking ramp lol. The lines were pretty long but overall it wasn’t as bad as I was envisioning. Joa had fallen asleep on the ride over and was so tired he stayed asleep through the car seat to stroller transfer and most of the time we were there!

Mia LOVED the park. She surprised me by braving it through her first roller coaster and even went on the log chute! She did say ” Ohh I shouldn’t have gone on this..” a few times but just held on tight to her mama and did not shed one tear, shouting Β “that was fun!” at the end πŸ™‚

That night I picked Mike up at the train station, (which was one of the venues we looked at for our wedding!) and we went for a late dinner at The Happy Gnome, where we had our rehearsal dinner! I got the pork belly with a butternut squash rissoto and it was soooo good.

We celebrated Easter on Saturday because my brother had to fly back early Sunday. My Mom and Dad made an ahhhhmazing meal of fresh ham, yes fresh. If you haven’t tried baking a fresh unsmoked ham, do it now. Delicious sides included white rice, roasted potatoes, a Brazilian bacon and banana farofa and baked tomatoes with Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs.

We did the egg hunt in the morning and after our meal, Mike and my Dad napped while my Mom and I took the kiddos outside for some fresh air and sunshine. We had lots of bubbles, rolling around in the grass, chasing beach balls and walking around the neighborhood.

Later that night, Mike and I snuck off for a little date and grabbed a drink at the tiki bar in downtown Stillwater.

Sunday we ate brunch and then went to Teddy Bear Park one last time, had ice cream cones bigger than our heads at Nelson’s ( and that’s the kids size!) and made one last trip to the river before heading back home for the day. More deer feeding, bubble chasing and giggles occurred before enjoying yummy burgers from the grill for dinner. I forgot to mention that this week Mia discovered the movie Mama Mia! and her own inner dancing queen for that matter! She must have watched it at least three times while we were there and can now sing along to most of the songs too! Haha

It was such a wonderful weekend and I am so grateful to have had that time with my family!







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