Sunday Thoughts


This morning Mia and I went to church with my friend Sarah. Mia had been asking me for some time to go and I was holding off trying to decide which church was the “right church” for us.

After Easter I asked Sarah if we could tag along with her one Sunday and this happened to be the Sunday we went. Mia insisted on staying close to me and didn’t even want to step foot in the children’s area lol, but wouldn’t you know it the sermon was all parent and child, and boy did it hit home! It was just what I needed to hear at this moment, as a parent. It spoke to areas I had been struggling with and gave me a whole new outlook. I left feeling supported, lifted up, inspired. It’s like God created that sermon, that service just for Mia and me. Like” oh I see you’ll be attending on this day so here’s what you need to hear this very minute!” Isn’t it amazing how things can happen like that?

Mia did really well all things considered and stayed quiet with an occasional pout, but decided next time she’ll try the kids area 😉 I definitely want to go back and give this church another try, but how wonderfully amazing to go for the first time in a long time (and first time ever for Mia!) and have words speak so directly to you?!

One thing I want to take home from that service is to focus on your garden and not the weeds. If you tend to your garden and work on helping it grow there won’t be room for weeds. So I want to focus on the the good, doing good, being good, encouraging good, and know that by doing so, there won’t be as much room for the bad:)

Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

Brunch always seems to be a popular choice for Mother’s day but it can be tricky thinking of new recipes to bring to the table. Here are a few to try next weekend if you are hosting and toasting any Mamas for Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas


fruit salsa.jpg

Fruit Salsa. A sweet refreshing side that people will keep coming back for! Homemade cinnamon and sugar tortilla chips are always a hit!

Overnight Cinnamon Pecan French Toast Casserole:

photo credit: pinterest

Overnight French Toast. I don’t have a picture of this one from when I made it but I brought it to Door County for a girls trip and everyone really liked it! The pecans add a nice crunch 🙂


Veggie Egg Bake. Packed with colorful veggies this dish will give your Mother’s Day spread a healthy pop of color!

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Chocolate Cobbler. Oooey Gooey and delish! Who knew you could make a chocolate cobbler? I didnt until I made this one 🙂

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Easy Banana Pudding. One of my fave desserts and so easy to make!

cheddarbay biscuits.JPG

Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Always a hit and so so easy!

La Vie En Rose

April was a rough month. I know part of it is me still grieving from losing my Uncle at the end of March; but all of April I just have been feeling burnt out. Running on fumes. Just kind of going through the motions… We’ve had several things break either in our home or with both of our cars, kids have been sick, allergies have taken over…I could go on. We have all been waiting impatiently for Spring to arrive. The gloomy gray of March was starting to affect our mood, motivation, tempers… I digress summing it up as April was no bed of roses. There were, however, pockets of sunshine. ( and you’re welcome for getting that song stuck in your head now 😉 ) but that’s how it seems looking back. Little pockets that shine in the midst of the gray and gloomy. And while I could dedicate a whole post to the bad, I’m choosing to highlight the good. The times I want to remember, the times we smiled and laughed and soaked in all the sun rays and fresh blooms. So here is just a snippet of the rest of our April post Easter till today. The good stuff as the song goes, the view through rose colored glasses, la vie en rose.