Friday Favorites



The rosemary mint body butter and lemon vanilla whipped body butter I made last weekend! I have been using the lemon vanilla one after I shower everyday and love how soft and smooth my skin is feeling! The scent goes great with the grapefruit sugar body scrub I made the week before too! The rosemary mint butter I have been using as a foot cream at night before bed. Also loving that one!


Image result for sam hunt montevallo

Sam Hunt’s new song Body Like A Back Road. I’ve loved his songs since I first heard him on the radio and there isn’t a song on the album Montevallo I don’t like, but this song is my jaaaam lately! I see it being played all spring and summer long too. So good! Love the whole story behind his album Montevallo too and so happy they got back together and are engaged now! Yay for love 🙂


Spring!! Spring has officially begun! I have had a countdown on my etch a sketch at my desk at work for a solid 90 days but it’s here! It’a really here! The weather has been kinda wonky this week with some days in the low 50s/upper 40s and others in the 30s 😦 Rude. We made sure to get outside for a walk on the warmer days and even spotted little buds on some of the trees and bushes in the neighborhood. I can’t wait for the weather to start warming up, but for now I’ll take the longer days and sunshine.


The meatloaf and panini recipes I made earlier this week. They were both delish and will be repeated for sure.


Spring Cleaning! I totally caught the clean, organize and purge bug….now if only I found the time to execute all these plans of mine…. I took Monday off next week and have some big plans for me and the kids clothes and toy bins lol. Dont worry, I’ll throw some “Mama time” in there as well 😉 Just picture me in this video basically.


This swimsuit I got for the Bahamas! So so excited and was in need of a one-piece!

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Oh how much I love that company is coming video. My kids even run around saying these pillows must’ve FLUFFED!!! I can’t wait for the weekend! Soak it up!

  2. That body butter looks so good I want to eat it, I bet it smells amazing! Yay for taking a day off to get some cleaning done. Maybe throw in a pedicure after all of your hard work 😉

    1. Haha well I guess you could eat it technically? lol highly recommend giving it a try! ( not eating it making it lol) my daughter had been requesting it as her lotion all week! 🙂 A pedicure has just been added to my “to do” list for mon 😉

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