Monday Meal Planning and A Chocolate Cake Recipe


I took a couple weeks off meal planning. With my parents in town, I had the luxury of having my Mama’s cooking and it was so so nice to not have to make a meal for a few days! This Sunday it was back to the ol’ routine with planning out meals for the work week. This weekend I also experimented with my essential oils a bit and made a rosemary mint body butter and a lemon vanilla whipped body butter.Β I made the rosemary mint one first and definitely didn’t whip it long enough in the kitchen aid. It still came out great and is a nice, thick, buttery consistency which will make a great foot cream! I gave it another shot Sunday afternoon, this time using lemon and citrus fresh essential oil and vanilla extract. This time I mixed it in the kitchenaid for about 6 minutes and watched it totally transform to a wonderful fluffy whipped texture! The two butters are totally different but I love them both! I am totally going to whip up a batch of the lemon vanilla one to take to the Bahamas this summer for a nice burst of freshness after days on the beach and at the pool.

Later that night we had Mike’s sister Jenny and his Dad over for dinner. I made our fav chicken tortilla soup but changed it up a bit because we didnt have any salsa in the house 😦 We added pasta to it this time which totally changed it up and was really tasty! For dessert I wanted to make a quick and easy chocolate cake. One bowl is key. When you start having to separate parts of the egg and use multiple bowls I give up before I start. But one bowl? That I love. So I found this recipe that looked nice and simple and I decided to add my own little twist and added a few drops of orange essential oil to the frosting. Hindsight I would say to only use a drop or two but the cake turned out wonderfully and the chocolate mixed with the burst of orange was super yummy.

Last but not least here are the links to the recipes for our meal plan this week:


Monday: Mozzarella Stuffed BaconΒ Meatloaf Β and Mashed Potatoes

Meatloaf recipe here

Side note: I am using that meatloaf recipe but I will probably just be adding a layer of bacon to the top instead of wrapping the whole thing in bacon. For the mashed potatoes I always used Bob Evans Classic StyleπŸ™‚

Tuesday: Chicken Pesto Paninis and Chips

Recipe here

We made these a few years ago and loved them! Time to bring them back πŸ™‚

Wednesday: Pasta Bolognese and Garlic Bread

Recipe here

Thursday:Β Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Sweet Potato Fries

Keeping it simple this day and just buying the ready made stuff and the grocery store and our fave sweet potato fries here.

Friday:Β Garlic Brown Sugar Baked Chicken and Sun Dried TomatoΒ Risotto

Chicken recipe here

For the risotto: I usually just get a bag ofΒ risotto rice and just cook according to the package and then add the tomatoes and lots of parm in at the end πŸ™‚

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