Friday Favorites


  1. This Grapefruit Sugar Body Scrub I made last night! I tried it out this morning and looooved it, smells so dreamy and refreshing and left my skin super soft! I’d recommend using fractioned coconut oil if you want it a little runnier and solid if you want it thicker where you’ll need to scoop it out.


2. These Havaianas. My mom brought me back this pair directly from Brazil but you can find them around here in the US too πŸ™‚ I’ll definitely be taking these to the Bahamas this summer!


3. This pie I made as a belated attempt at Pi day earlier this week. Super easy. Store bought crust, baked as directed. 2 boxes instant chocolate pudding ( I used one Devil’s food one regular chocolate) prepare like normal. Pour pudding into pie crust once crust has cooled and let it set. Top with fresh strawberries and drizzle with chocolate syrup. Easy peasy and so good it’s already gone at out house.

Mommy and Me Set. Kimono Style Robe. Knee Length

4.Β These mommy and me robes by Pretty Plum Sugar! I noticed the Mama version was on sale the other day and snagged one for me and the mini version for Mia. I’m planning to put it in her Easter basket this year πŸ™‚ A little tip: They have these robes in their ” Mumma and me” Β section but they are not on sale there! You have to go to the individual page for Mama and child to get the sale prices πŸ˜‰


Photo cred: Murad Osmann

5. I like to live vicariously through thisΒ instagram account. It feeds the my wanderlust needs when I get the travel itch my wallet can’t support.

Have a great weekend!

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