Taking Stock March 2017

Loving:  Having Mike home more now that basketball season is over! It has been wonderful to have him around more, we sure did miss him!
Feeling: Grateful, determined, overwhelmed, basically feeling a lot these days
Wishing: that Spring would hurry up and get here already. Today we got a crazy amount of snow and I am NOT happy about it. I am so ready for sunshine, blossoms and warmer days.
Needing: to empty my camera roll and finish our taxes
Remembering: when the kiddos were itty bitty and all that came with it, the drool marks on my shoulder, the gurgling giggles, the teething, the colic, the newborn smell, all of it.
Hearing: My childrens’ laughter as they play together, accompanied by tantrums too of course. Mia playing Mom with her babies and Joaquim saying ” Mama watch! Mama play! Mama dance!”  Music wise: The Lumineers, the kids have been super into anything T-Swift and the song Uptown Funk so those have been on repeat for our nightly dance parties as well as “Sugar” by Maroon 5 and Katy Perry “Roar”.  JT’s Cant Stop the feeling used to be #1 but is still in rotation.
Dreaming: of moving by this fall. This is what I put in January but still true today. Also a vacation just Mike and I, we havent spent 24 hours away together since we’ve had kids and are in need of a little get away.
Extra thankful for:  My family, we have such a strong support system and I am so so grateful for each and every one of them. Also, coffee.

Making : This Grapefruit Sugar scrub this week

Cooking : All sorts of things since I’ve taken up meal planning. It has been a nice and needed change!

Drinking : Allll the coffee before 2pm, then trying to remember to drink more water

Reading : Drums of Autumn for me, 5 minute Princess Stories for Mia and ABC books for Joaquim. Same as in January 🙂 Also loving this blog, and this one and this one.

Wanting : Sunshine, a nice tan, temps in the 70s, basically summer. I want summer.

Playing : basketball with Joaquim, babies with Mia these have not changed. Also playing a little Bachelor trivia with some work peeps, because why not?

Enjoying : My workouts and the results from it, time with family, an extra cup of coffee and having Cadbury cream eggs back in my life.

Wondering : What this next year has in store for us

Hoping : For my Uncle to get well soon.

Marveling : At life and how sweet it can be if you look at it the right way

Needing : To color my hair and get a trim.yup still do since Jan, still havent booked.

Smelling : The Aligning EO blend that is now my new fave

Wearing : my converse high tops almost every day and debating if I should get another pair.

Noticing : That I have been choosing joy more often and how much it has affected my outlook and helped with stress.

Knowing : That things are exactly as they should be.

Thinking : About if Mike will ever make it through this tundra to pick Mia and me up today.

Bookmarking : Essential oil info/recipes, recipes in general, and houses for sale.- this is what I had put last year and its still true this year. Yup same stuff here, also spotify playlists,

Opening : Packages of spring clothes for the kiddos that my MIL purchased

Giggling : At the show New Girl, such a happy discovery and something Mike and I have been enjoying to binge watch once the littles are asleep 🙂

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