Our Honeymoon

I’ve come to realize I have yet to document our wedding and honeymoon here. I started this blog shortly after we got married but didn’t reeeeallly start writing consistently until a little over a year ago and there are some milestones that just need to be represented in this space!

We got married at the end of June in 2011 and a few days later headed toΒ Riviera Maya Mexico for two whole weeks of fun in the sun together. We had the best time! We even celebrated my birthday down there which was a fun change. It was our first real trip/vacation together just the two of us and we have such special, cherished memories from this trip. I did EXTENSIVE research on different resorts while planning the trip. I facebook stalked all the people I knew that had been married recently, sent them messages asking for info and recommendations, googled, oh how much I googled. We knew we wanted an all inclusive, but we also didnt want to feel like we didnt even know where we were. Sometimes, it feels like the culture of the place you are staying gets lost in the sameness of the whitewashed walls and identical structures of resorts that have several locations all over the world.

Finally we decided on Valentin Imperial Maya. It was highly recommend by a friend from college and their facebook page was flooded with great reviews from people that had stayed there multiple times. We loved it too! The whole resort was so beautiful, the staff super friendly but left you alone when you wanted to be, the beach was gorgeous and always had chairs and umbrellas available and all the restaurants has amazing food. We said when we were there we had to come back for our 5 year anniversary…it will be our sixth this summer and we have yet to return, but that is parenthood lol. One day, we will return, one day!

They had several options for day trips and such too that you could coordinate straight through the resort if you wanted to do that thing, but we mainly just stuck to the resort with one day trip to Tulum to see the ruins. Here are some pics from when we were younger, tanner, and more rested than we are these days πŸ˜‰



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