Meal Planning March Week 1

Monday: Spicy Hawaiian Chicken Burgers

Recipe here

Side note: I’ll probably just use whole chicken breasts instead of ground chicken, but that’s just a preference 🙂


Tuesday: Coach’s Stack and Sauteed Carrots and Kale Chips

Coach’s Stack

This sounds sooo  good! I feel like that episode of Friends but this version goes “Meatloaf? Good! Mashed potatoes? Good! Texas Toast? Good! French’s onions and BBQ sauce? Gooood!” lol

Kale Chips recipe here


Wednesday: Lemon Parm Chicken Pasta and Garlic Bread

Recipe here

Side note: adding chicken to this recipe, probably just grilled with some Italian seasoning 🙂


Thursday: Grilled Sausage and Roasted Potatoes


We will be using kielbasa as that is what we have in the house, but really any kind works! Brats, cheddar wurst, chicken sausage, whatever your preference is, go with that 🙂

Roasted potato recipe here, keeping it simple this day!


Friday: Steak Fajitas

We still have some left over stew meat from what Mike got for the beef stew he made last weekend, so I’ll be using that to make this recipe.

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