Friday Favorites



  1. Fresh Flowers- in the dead of winter I need some sort of nature in my life! Fresh flowers instantly put a smile on my face and have the house feeling all spring like when it’s still cold outside.


2. Warm Jan/Feb. – how blessed have we been with the weather this winter! Glory! Glory! We have only had a handful of truly down to the bone cold days here and I am so thankful! The forecast looks pretty nice for this weekend too so we are making sure to get outside for some extra vitamin D!

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3. Overalls- again Liz Joy got me with her inta posts! I just loved the look she had with overalls and I missed them in my life! I wanted a pair that wouldn’t break the bank tho so I got these from Amazon and they did not disappoint!

4. Honest Co. Free Valentine Print out! I didn’t even realize they did fun stuff like that!


5. Meal Planning- I have truly been enjoying incorporating it into my Sunday routine. I’ve made this mix and match mama baked taco recipe one week that was a hit, and here’s last  week’s plan and this week’s plan.

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6. This easel. Lifesaver.

Image result for New Girl show

7. New girl. Mike and I just started watching and it’s so refreshing to have a light, fun show to watch together.

What a delightful dose of this vital c!:

Photo from pinterest

8. Anything citrus. From the essential oils I’ve been diffusing to the fruit I’ve been craving lately, I can’t get enough citrus! Winter Blahs probably play a part in that, but give me allll the citrus! I also want to try making this tart, it sounds so refreshing and delish!

Image result for nutella

9. Nutella. I have been having nutella on my whole wheat toast with a cup of coffee for breakfast lately and it has been so so good.

10. Deva Curl Products. I started using the summer before our wedding. I was going to this new salon for curly hair and they introduced me to the line. I adored it. It totally transformed my hair! But then kids came and the budget for hair products diminished…but recently I decided to rearrange the budget list a bit to fit this in because I really really love it and can do with one less thing a month to make room for better hair 😉


Image result for cienta shoes

11. Cienta kids shoes. I got Mia a pair of these recently and they are soooo cute! They are are great quality, environmentally friendly and each pair has a fun fruity smell! How cute is that?!

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