Dreaming of Cabin Life

It’s snowing again today. After a few glorious days of abnormally warm winter weather the snow has returned and I find myself daydreaming of summer and the trip we took last August with my parents. We don’t own a cabin but my parents rented one for a week and man did I love living the cabin life for a whole week!

Now I look out and see that sea of white and yes, it is pretty but I am ready for Spring! I am craving, needing to be outside and soak some sun rays, get some fresh air and just enjoy all that is nature.

I realized I never really wrote about that week we spend in the woods, so now is a good a time as any as I sit and reminisce on those wonderful days.

We got to spend a whole week last August with my parents at a lovely cabin they rented. We rented a pontoon, went on rides around the lake, stroller walks in the woods, made sand castles on the beach, grilled out, it was theeeee best!! The place even had a pool, which we probably spent 75% of our time at, those kiddos of mine are like two little fishies! We watched sunsets, ate breakfast on the porch, went into “town” for ice cream, played outside…I even got to read my book out in the sun during nap time a couple of times! All sorts of yummy food was consumed, late night cocktails and wine were enjoyed by the adults, some Olympics were watched…( this was the week the whole Ryan Lochte thing went down and my family being Brazilian you can imagine the conversations that week lol) Mike and I even managed to sneak in a little date night one of the nights we were there!  It was a little slice of heaven that was just ours and I cherish the memories made there so so much. Mia still asks about the cabin and when we will go back lol. Maybe one day 🙂 BUT this summer my wonderful, generous parents are taking all four of us to the Bahamas! They rented a house there for a whole week and June cannot come soon enough! First plane ride for the kiddos, first time seeing the ocean, so many firsts! so many memories! But for now, I’ll sit back and look at the 50+ pics of our last vacation and keep on dreamin’ of the cabin life.

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