If I Could Turn Back Time….

I would have held my babies longer (although my mother always jokes I held Joaquim for most of my maternity leave) , I would have put my phone down more often and said “I don’t have time” less. I would have spent a million more hours soaking in those newborn days. Staring at their little fingers and toes, their little noses and eyes and memorized every detail. I would have taken them out and about more, spent time outdoors more…slept more. I would have worried less, let go and trusted my intuition more, and loved on them even harder. I would have counted the hours awake with them, just the two of us, but as if they were my last, not as a burden.

But….they are still young, and there’s still so much time ahead…so I’m going to really try and focus on those years, the ones still to come, and think ” what do I NOT want to be looking back on and say if only I could turn back time I would _” and instead, make sure I do those things, soak in the moments that count and let go of the ones that really don’t matter much in the grand scheme of things. Because life is short, babies don’t keep, and we only have this one life that is ours to live. Choose joy, choose peace, choose to be present, because after all, we can’t turn back time.

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