Snippets of January

  1. Mia tells me she will never ever eat Chinese food ever again
  2. Mia ordered her own meal at Red Robin
  3. On a walk in January on a day in the high 40’s Mia and I talked about what snow turns into when it melts, why the grass is yellow in the winter, and discovered pine trees are “tickly”.
  4. Played lots of rhyming games on the way to school as well as “I spy” and “I’m going to the grocery store and I want to get…”
  5. Joaquim tries to jump off couches whenever he is not sneaking upstairs. Will grin or laugh at your face when you tell him no.
  6. Mia and Joa both went to basketball practice with Daddy
  7. Mia saw Moana with Grandma and Grandpa
  8. Mia saw Sing! with Mommy, Vovo and Daddy ( kind of)
  9. Two days in the forties!
  10. Baked a heart shaped cake with pink frosting
  11. Kitchen dance parties to Mommy’s fave Spotify playlists or Pandora Kid Bop station
  12. Snow much fun sledding in the backyard!
  13. Football game watching with Daddy…kind of
  14. Mia started another season of dance class and is loooooving it!
  15. Deciding where to sign Mia up for Kindergarten…
  16. This mama got back to the gym! Hooray!
  17. Joaquim turned two!
  18. Mia got a desk make by her Grandpa complete with a chair that was her Great Great Grandmother’s house that he refurbished just for her.
  19. Β Last few family Christmas gathering occurred!
  20. Joaquim started talking more and I started cooking more



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