A Lumberjack Breakfast Birthday Party

Last weekend we had a little party to celebrate Joaquim turning two! We did it the weekend before his actual birthday because my parents were heading to Brazil on his actual birthday and won’t be back until end of February. Having a party THAT close to the holidays is pretty intense so I tried my best to simplify while still making our boy feel special.

Last year I had seen my friend Laurie do a similar theme and LOVED the idea. So I kept it in my mind for this year. Then I saw my new blady friend Keila do this adorable breakfast theme bday party and loved that too! So I mashed the two ideas in one and a lumberjack breakfast party theme was born.

I knew in order to keep it relatively cheap and still find decor that worked with the theme I would have to go shopping right after the holidays…like days after Christmas, which I normally avoid as much as possible lol. BUT it was totally worth it! We scored the burlap and buffalo plaid banners in the dollar spot at Target along with the foam Christmas trees. Mike found the adorable log vase fillers on massive clearance there as well which was a total score! Besides that I just kept some of my holiday decor up such as the pine garland I had made to frame our entryway and a few other things.

For food I tried to plan items I could make or prepare the night before. Since it was a brunch party we wouldn’t have as much time the day of to prepare so I tried to keep that in mind. I made this egg bake that was a pretty big hit!  Mike make pancakes and breakfast potatoes the night before that we just needed to warm in the oven the day of. Fresh fruit pre-cut from the store, berries and whipped cream along with the regular syrup for pancake topping options. A little hot cocoa area with marshmallows, candy canes and cinnamon sticks to garnish. Apple and orange juice for the kiddos, bloody mary’s and coffee (obviously) for the adults. My Mother in law brought some amazing bacon that I ate way too much of. My sister- in law Jenny brought the donut cake I ordered and it was so cute and deeeelish! They totally didn’t understand my order and thought it was for a girl lol but luckily Joaquim likes anything his big sister likes and pink is her favorite color, so when I offered him the chocolate frosted donut he kept shaking his head and pointing to the tower and saying ” pink! pink!” 🙂

My inlaws also got the cutest balloon bouquet with a “2” balloon that Joa was instantly obsessed with! He would just run around entangling himself in the balloon ribbons and giggling like mad 🙂

We did get a small cake for him as well since I was informed my my mother and my husband that a donut cake would not suffice and he NEEDED an actual cake lol. Poor guy was so partied out he fell asleep before we could even sing to him! Somehow he woke up though and we all sang and celebrated him ( in English and Portuguese of course) and then he magically got a second wind and did not nap the rest of the day! ha! He seemed to enjoy stabbing the cake with a fork much more than actually eating it, but hey, it’s your birthday and you do what you want to buddy 🙂

Overall it was a nice low key party and I think he had a great time which is the most important thing after all. Here are some pics and a couple videos from the day!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Family pic!

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