My word for 2017


Last year I tried something new where I picked a word to represent the coming year. I thought long and hard about what I hoped or expected the coming year to be, what I wanted for myself and my family and how we would get there. The word I ended up choosing was “Recharge”Β Looking back at the year I do see some of the things I had hoped for, some balance regained, a routine back in place, but there was still change. Great change! Like my promotion to Editor and Mike becoming Department Chair.All good things! So I cant help but thing it all the more fitting that the word I keep thinking of for 2017 isΒ Growth.

Growth in my quest for a healthier lifestyle. By getting to the gym more often and choosing to make a healthy smoothie for breakfast instead of that latte and muffin at the coffee shop…at least a few times a week. Growth in our changes to becoming a more natural home. With replacing store bought items full of chemicals with homemade and all natural cleaners, and using essential oils to treat certain ailments.By growing our finances with better planning and management, an area I think we have grown and continue to grow in. Continuing growth in our careers, in a balanced and organic way that make the most of our skills and strengths.Growth in knowledge, growth in experience.Growth in understanding.

Do you have any goals for the coming year?

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