First Weekend in December: Chicago Day Trip And A Visit From My Parents

What? The last week of the month isn’t the appropriate time for a post about the first weekend of the month? Hey at least it’s the same month this time!

The first weekend of December my parents came to visit! I love love love when they come, I really do πŸ™‚ I miss them so much and it is so nice to have them under the same roof as us for a few days. My Mom, being my Mom goes straight to work and is organizing things I never get to and cooking things I have been dreaming of, bless her.

This visit had a purpose however. I needed to get some paperwork and such updated at the Brazilian Consulate in Chicago and so did they so we planned a little trip for that Friday. They got into town Thursday night and we left early Fri morning. Chicago traffic was…Chicago traffic and for a little while we were nervous we would miss the small window the consulate is open.The city was soooo pretty all decorated for the holidays! So so festive πŸ™‚ Β We got there and took our ticket and after FOUR hours including me having to run to the post office several blocks away to get a money order and back, we finally left with some…of the things we needed taken care of. Then off we went to have lunch atΒ Spiaggia Cafe.

As we were walking down Michigan Ave. I saw people flocking to these canvas wagons on the corner of an intersection and saw they were celebrating Chips Ahoy’s 100th? anniversary and were giving away free boxes of cookies! As I am never one to say no to a free box of cookies I take one and then realize I am about to walk into a pretty fancy restaurant with a box of Chips Ahoy cookies. I tried to be discreet…but the host totally saw them and called me out asking something along the lines of ” Are those for while you wait or something?” embarrassedΒ as could be, I explain what happened and he was like “What?! They are where?! I need to go get some!” lol So I guess I’m not the only one who can appreciate a free box of cookies?

The lunch was ahhhmazing and what was even better was that my parents realized they had gone to the same restaurant ( the dining room though not the cafe) several years ago when we all came to Chicago with a couple other families from our Michigan days. Talk about nostalgia! Oh Michigan days, I miss you!

The next day my Mom, Mike’s mom, Mia and I went to see the Β Moscow Ballet’s Nutcracker! I don’t know who was more excited ha! It was spectacular. The dancing, costumes, music, the intricate settings and hand painted scenery. Just breathtaking. Mia did great the first half. She kept looking over at me with her big green eyes just taking it all in, so excited, so amazed. Then came intermission and the girl got hangry.

She said she wanted a snack. I explained there weren’t any. I think she was confused with theater and movie theater. She got very upset. She proceeded to cry most of the second half and I had to carry her out the theater into the car when it was over. That being said I do think she had a great time overall. That girl just cant budge when she gets something in her head sometimes and this was just one of those times. She still talks about it fondly and I do wonder if there hadnt been an intermission, would the tantrum have still happened? We’ll never know πŸ˜‰


The day before my parents headed back to MN it snowed, one of those really pretty, quiet snow falls. The kind you can actually be outside in and enjoy. We played in it a bit and snapped a few pics before heading out for brunch. We love brunch, yes we do, so it was the perfect way to end the visit πŸ™‚

We just got back from visiting them in MN for Christmas ( post coming soon) and they are headed back here in a couple weeks for Joaquim’s 2nd birthday! Time, slow down please!

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