Brunch With Santa 2016

Last week my work had their annual Brunch with Santa and this year I got to take both my chickadees along for the fun!  Last year Joaquim got sick and had to stay home 😦 But not this year, this year they both went and it was better than ever!

My friend Jennifer and I headed over to the daycare that morning to pick up the kiddos and ride the shuttle with them back to corp. That shuttle! Not only is it wonderful to have to only walk a couple steps with two kids in tow and get dropped off door to door, but the kids LOVE the shuttle! Mia calls it the “bus” and she is obsessed. The girl cant get enough, and Stan the driver has even talked to her over the intercom thingy which just took her over the edge with giddiness. Stan was not our driver that day tho and shortly after we were dropped off at daycare we started to worry that was their last run before their break. We got all the kiddos, and their coats, hats, mittens etc. and waited….and waited…I debated walking…we waited and then it was there! Thank goodness too because the idea of trekking in the snow with two little ones in their holiday best…

Anyways, we got there and the space was decorated so nicely! They had trees and lights and pretty table settings and the place just looked so FESTIVE! I noticed they had started letting people get their pics with Santa and Mrs. Claus right away before they even started serving brunch, so I bee lined it with the kiddos to get our snapshot before their clothes got full of brunch lol. The photographer was super nice and even offered to snap a couple shots with my phone πŸ™‚ Mia was her usual sweet shy self. She is a SOOOO shy around Santa and every year goes straight to stand by Mrs. Claus ha! Mrs. Claus commented on how much Mia grew this year and while it may have been something she said to everyone I’m going to pretend she remembers her and it was a special thing just for my girl πŸ™‚ Β I tried to prepare Joaquim for the whole sitting on Santa’s lap thing as we waited in line. “See? See how that boy is sitting with Santa? You are going to do that too!” Which he responded to with his current signature response” Oh yeah!” so I didn’t quite know if it was registering at all, but he did pretty great! He kind of just sat there all stoic and observing his surroundings, I thought for sure I was getting a crying Santa pic this year but nope! Each child received a book from Santa too! Last year they gave Nancy Tillman books which I adore! This year it was Corduroy and Madeline. I was actually super excited about the Madeline book because I didnt quite remember the story…it’s strange very strange. I preferΒ Corduroy…

Then it was onto the food, and you guys! It was so so yummy! They had fresh fruit, french toast, Belgian waffles, American fries and bacon. YUM. They had juice or milk to drink and a fancy schmancy hot chocolate bar with alllll the fixins and the cutest Christmas cookies.

Last but not least the kiddos could decorate their own wood ornament! Only thing here was they had them coloring them with sharpies….sharpies?? For a 4 and 2 year old? Yikes.. but they did pretty well and the ornaments are currently hanging on our tree! I even snagged one for me to decorate but havent got around to that yet…

Oh! The kids also got goodie bags! Goodie bags filled with lots of fun Christmasy things like a candy cane striped Β magnetic foam picture frame, a Holiday coloring book, ornament, list to make for Santa and more!

We had a blast and it was all the more fun watching both my kiddos partake in this festive event this year!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

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