Thanksgiving 2016

I know, I know it’s almost Christmas and here I am recapping Thanksgiving! We have been pretty busy at Casa Zahner lately and I just have not had time to sit down and jot down all these moments that have come and gone. I have been making mental and physical notes to get down on here later and here we are almost at the next holiday and I figured it’s now now or never.

We always spend Thanksgiving at Mike’s parents house and I thought I’d change it up and bring this Beer Cheese Bacon Stuffing. People saaaaay it was good but I was not happy with how it turned out. I made the mistake of using those small peppridge farm bags of bread instead of an actual rustic loaf and I think that made a big difference. I also tripled the recipe since there’s quite a few of us and I think that changed things too. It wasn’t bad per say but it wasn’t rustic pieces and drier like the pic of the recipe. It turned more into a stuffing cake like thing. I will attempt it again some time this winter with all the correct ingredients and report back.

As always it was a blast seeing everyone and catching up on all the happenings. Mike’s Dad and I ventured out with the kids and Lola to walk around for a bit and get a little of that energy out. Mike caught up with his cousins…and watched a lot of football. The food was fabulous as always and we packed some potato rolls to take home with us because, we love you potato rolls! But then we got home and the rolls were no where to be found… I was sad y’all… real sad. But lucky for me I have the best MIL and when she came by the next week she brought a bag with her! Bless her.

Let’s see what else what else….Joa serenaded us with his piano compositions, and ran around like a mad mad…doesn’t he ever get tired? No, no he doesnt. The only time he stopped was when his Godfather ( Mike’s cousin Ryan) had him in his lap. The he would just lay all content and limp like ” Hey guys, look how chill I am. I’ll just sit here and watch the game with you, no prob.” But normally? Never! Never more than one second does this boy stop!

Mia hosted several tea parties with her adorable tea set she has there. She was serving Strawberry tea? Am I remembering that right? It was so cute seeing her all proud to be the hostess.

We left in time to get the kids home, bathed and in bed at a reasonable hour and they both passed out on the ride home. All in all a great Thanksgiving filled with great food and ones we love! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year ❀ P.S I apologize for the lack of pictures but I really tried to enjoy the day and be in the moment and then realized I barely took any 😦

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