On a Snowy Day in December

We had planned on taking both the kiddos outside to play in the snow. Then all hell broke loose as we tried to put all the things one needs to play in the snow on said kiddos. Which resorted in a timeout for Joaquim in his crib which somehow miraculously went from full blown screaming toddler tantrum to a sound asleep quality nap. πŸ˜±βœ¨πŸ™πŸΌ So once Mia accepted that she HAD to wear these specific boots to play in the snow, the three of us snuck outside. It was so still and quiet. The snow was still falling, lightly but consistently. It felt like we were the only ones outside. The only ones who knew about this special secret snow fall.

We took the sled out to the back yard, but before we even made it back there Mia threw herself right into the fresh snow and rolled all up in it! It was like she couldn’t wait any longer and HAD to dive in. We climbed up the hill in our backyard and I went down the first time with her. But looking back I think she didn’t even need me. She LOVED it. She kept asking if she could go again the second she got down the hill. “I wanna do it …100 more times!” Mike and I took turns bringing the sled up for her and sometimes we would go with her but she seemed to prefer going all on her own. Miss independent. She was fearless; one with the sled and the snow. It was so magical seeing the joy in her eyes as she played! I must note too that it was so special to have this time with Mia! She rarely gets mom and dad all to herself these days and I could see that we were all treasuring every second of it.

We eventually convinced her to part with the sled for a minute or two and attempted to make a snowman. We had this kit my sister in law got Mia years ago and had never used it! Β I love how it’s all plastic so we can reuse it each year. Mia promptly named him Olaf and asked if we were having company over today so she could show him to someone. πŸ™‚

Once Olaf was complete and a final round of sledding had occurred we took our cold and numb bodies inside to thaw with some warm dry clothes, hot cocoa and a movie.

As I write this Joaquim is STILL napping and I’m about to get a few loads of laundry going before making a stew for dinner tonight.

I feel so blessed and fortunate to have these special moments with my family. Moments that seem so simple but make you feel the most fulfilled, complete, joyful. I always read about how joy is a choice and you should Β seek it. I adore this idea more and more and try to find a little joy in each day. There are amazing days, horrible days, fun filled days and stressful days, but more often than not, each day there is a moment, however small that brings you joy. Whether it’s a hug from your child, a warm cup of coffee on a cold day, an unexpected gift or a sunny day; find joy, seek it, and your days will be better for it.


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