What’s Up Wednesday: October




What we’re eating this week:


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We were spoiled last week when my parents came to visit and my mama brought not one but three yummy dishes with them! So we’ve been savoring the shepherds pie, cassoulet, and chicken pot pie leftovers while they last! I also made this super yummy slow cooker meal this month that will definitely be a repeat soon.

What I’m reminiscing about:




Halloween last year! Joaquim was such a cute lion and Mia adored being a princess.

What I’m loving:


Reading at lunch every day! About a month ago I started bringing my book to work to read at lunch and I have been looooving it!!! Not only am I loving the book (Voyager) but it is so nice to take your eyes off a screen fir an hour and just get lost in a book.

What we’ve been up to:


We are working our way through our fall bucket list, preparing ourselves for basketball season ( my husband is an assistant coach and it makes for long days Nov-Feb) and working on little touches to our home to make it more cozy.


What I’m dreading: the cold cold weather that comes with midwestern winters. There’s already a chill in the air that reminds you just how cold it gets up here. Brrrrr

What I’m working on:

Blogging more often. Life gets busy and it’s easy to jet it fall to the bottom of my to do list. But later I regret not documenting moments with my family and memories we have shared. One post a week is my goal.

What I’m excited about: Our Halloween costumes this year!! This is the first time we are doing a family costume and I’m just over the moon about it to be honest! Stay tuned to see what we are going to be!

What I’m watching/ reading:


This Is Us: you guys! It’s sooo good!

Dancing With The Stars: obbbsssesssed

Drunk History: funny and educational πŸ˜‰

Anxiously awaiting: Gilmore Girls, The Bachelor, PLL and Outlander

Reading: Voyager! The third book in the Outlander series it.is.addicting. I’m almost 600 pages in and can’t stop.

What I’m listening Β to:

Michael Buble, Harry Connick jr., and Frank Sinatra. Don’t those men just scream fall? I want to drive down all the country roads listening to these three and gazing at all the pretty colorful leaves in the trees.

What I’m wearing:

At home I’ve been living in my Rad Earth Supply Co. sweatpants and soft tees but when out and about I’ve been wearing my favorite boots a ton with leggings of course. I’ve also been wearing my pleather jacket quite a bit, and plaid, plaid shirts, jeans and my converse high tops are a fave in the fall!

What I’m doing this weekend: Trick or treating!! This year we are having some friends join us for the spooky fun! Mia’s besties Morgan and Emma are coming along and Joaquim will even have a buddy since Emma’s sister Olivia is his age πŸ™‚ We’ll take the kids around the neighborhood and then head back home to eat some chili!

What I’m looking forward to next month:

Thanksgiving!! While I’ve never been big on turkey day I do so appreciate a day off work to spend with family, reflecting on all the blessings to be thankful for and hopefully helping others in some way. I’ve always been more of a Christmas kind of gal but I can get on board with all these things. Yes! Yes!

What else is new?

Mia ( my four year old) is on her second visit to my parents house in Minnesota. It is wonderful seeing what a special place MN has become for her and I know my parents just adore having her there as well! Joaquim is finally starting to say some words but only when prompted for the most part. I feel like the sane thing happened with Mia and somewhere right before they turn two or all cones out, so we’ve got a few more months to work with here πŸ™‚


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