Essential Oils: Year One



It was about a year ago that I learned about the existence of essential oils. I started to see posts on my favorite blogs and instagram accounts and wondered what the craze was all about.

I have always tried to go natural when I can (and can afford to) soΒ this seemed right up my alley. At the same time it seemed soooo overwhelming! So many oils, so many ways to use. Which were safe for kids? Which ones should I put directly on and which ones need to be diluted?

So I began doing my research. Whether reading posts from bloggers I trusted or going to the sites that sold essential oils, I started taking note of which oils would be best to start with, and which ones I would benefit from the most.

After pestering Laurie and Brittany with probably way way way too many questions I put a bottle of Lavender essential oil on my Christmas list πŸ™‚ And lucky me Santa put a little bottle in my stocking that year!

We spent Christmas in MN that year so my first time trying it out was putting a few drops on the mat (under the sheet) of the pack and play Joaquim was sleeping in at my parents. Looking back I’m surprised I tried it out on my little one first! lol But boy did it work! He slept way better that night than he had been for weeks!

When I returned home after the Holidays I thought I’d try a few drops on my pillow as well since I deal with the wonderful gift that keeps on giving: Insomnia

By the second day of doing this I was up tossing and turning, wide awake, more so than I was before using the oil! It seemed so strange to me so I kept trying for a few more days wondering if it would take a little longer to work on me….but no I felt more alert than ever and hyper-focused.

I asked around the EO community and turns out certain essential oils can have something called the reverse effect. And lucky me I am one of those people it does that to. When I read about this it was like ding! ding! ding! lol So I thought about it and began putting a couple drops on my wrist before work. With the reverse affect being a focused and alert state of mind ( for me anyways) this little oil has helped me work faster and more efficiently than ever before!

I decided to take a deeper dive when Young Living was having a deal on their starter kit and anxiously awaited its arrival. The kit comes with some basic essential oils and EO blends that are great to get started with plus a diffuser.

I then slowly began adding essential oils into my daily routine:

  • Diffuse lavender in the kitchen before bedtime ( settles the kids down and gives me a pick me up for getting the dishes done and those last minute chores)
  • Add a few drops of lemon into the garbage disposal or trash cans
  • Put a roller on my bottle of Frankincense and roll all over my face after washing and before my moisturizer ( is supposed to help with aging and wrinkles! and is also a wonderful grounding EO)
  • Diluted the Thieves blend with fractionated coconut oil and made my own roller bottle. I roll this on the bottom of all our feet during cold season. They say this blend of essential oils gets its name from the blend thieves used to avoid getting the plague when stealing from people infected with disease! I love the smell and when I remember to apply it has held up to it’s immune fighting story! Also like diffusing this blend.
  • Made a roller of lavender, peppermint and lemon for Mike during allergy season and he said it did the trick!
  • A couple drops of the Stress Away blend on my heart when things get a bit….overwhelming.

Just to name a few! It has now been one year since we started using essential oils in our home and I am so glad we began this journey. I have only used EO’s from Young Living or Rocky Mountain OilΒ so I can only talk to these two brands but both are wonderful! Each have different blendsΒ and I have no rhyme or reason as to why I get certain EOs from one versus the other, other than price at times. This year my goal is to start incorporating EO’s into my home cleaning routines and Tisse has an amazing insta account with wonderful suggestions for doing just that if you are looking for that kind of thing. She also recommended this book that already has proved itself useful when I got stung by a wasp on the palm of my hand the other day. A little tea tree oil helped sooth the pain and itching. For the record I am in no way a Doctor or an experienced oil user by any means. I just wanted to share our experiences with EO’s and how they have helped our family.


Do you have any favorite oils or blends? What do you use them for? The more I use them the more I see how they can be used in my every day life. Mia even used them to fight off a T.Rex that was chasing us all the way to school the other day, who knew? Essential Oils, the T.Rex repellent πŸ˜‰ LOL



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