Our Engagement Story

Seven years ago today we were living in our little apartment on the Eastside of Milwaukee. It was a hot summer day and I remember being perfectly content lazily laying all day in the air conditioning binge watching Friends episodes. ( Oh life before kids! ha!) Β Mike decided he wanted to go for a bike ride which was a perfectly normal activity for him. He loved riding his bike and would go on long trips on his own quite often. So I thought nothing of it when he left that morning.

When he came back he suggested we take a walk to the bluffs that overlook Bradford beach and Lake Michigan. This is a walk we did together often. The view is amazing and there are gorgeous homes along the lakefront with the prettiest gardens I just loved to admire. It had become a thing for us to walk down to a bench on these bluffs and just chat for a bit overlooking the lake.

I was sooo cozy and content in our air conditioned apartment though I was not really feeling up for it that day. But Mike was not taking no for an answer. He kept saying “Come on, it wont take long!” Little did I know what was going to happen! He teases me about this often, I mean I almost ruined the proposal! lol But finally I gave in and reluctantly, actually I’m pretty sure I was pouting for the first couple blocks went along for this “walk”.

Mike mentioned he has seen some cool ships on the lake when he went on his bike ride and was bringing his Grandpa’s binoculars to check them out. I thought this was a bit odd but there can be some cool ships on the lake at times so didn’t spend to much time questioning it. When we got to the bench I promptly laid down and closed my eyes and thought I’ll at least get a tan while he checks out these boats… he’s looking and looking and finally he goes “Hey I think there’s something written on the beach down there! Come look can you see what it says?” You’d think by now I would have guessed what was about to happen. But I didn’t. I really didn’t! Mainly because whenever proposing came up I had said I wanted him to ask my Dad for permission before asking ( because I’m old school like that #daddysgirlforlife, fun fact- my Dad told him it was nice he did that and he appreciated it but that he didn’t have to! ha) But that sneaky Prince of mine HAD asked him already! He had called him since he knew we wouldn’t be in MN for a while and I had no idea!

So I take the Β binoculars from his hand and look down and see it. In HUGE letters on the beach right in front of me “Bruna Will You Marry Me?”!! I look over to him and he is down on one knee next to me πŸ™‚ That guy πŸ™‚ He did good πŸ™‚ When he had gone on his “bike ride” that morning he had really gone down to the beach and dug out the proposal in the sand! Now, I don’t know why but the first thing people usually say is “I can’t believe someone didn’t walk on it accidentally before you got there/ruined it!” What’s with the negatrons these days?! But really I don’t think people realize how big the letters really were because there’s no way you wouldn’t have noticed it if you were walking on the beach. Actually we ran into a friend a few days later and he said he saw it there the day AFTER Β he proposed! πŸ™‚ Needless to say I was so surprised! I literally fell to my knees next to him and of course said yes and hugged and kissed him and cried all the happy tears. And then as any good daddy’s girl does I said “wait did you ask my Dad?” πŸ™‚ On the walk back to our apartment I realized it was my parent’s wedding anniversary that day. Mike didn’t even realize it when he picked that day and I think it is a great sign that it happened that way. Β Now, seven years later, five year of marriage later I still recall this day vividly. It was one of the most special days in my life and I am so thankful he asked me to be his wife ❀


We do not have any pics of that day, but here is one of us that same summer at the spot he proposed and I just noticed there is a bike in the background lol πŸ™‚


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