My 33rd Trip Around The Sun

I love birthdays. Love. And well, when it’s my birthday I may kinda make it a big deal πŸ™‚ Mike jokes I have a birthday month, so yeah, but I really just love celebrating in general. This year I decided to take the day off and take time for myself, it was needed and I thought when is it more appropriate than your birthday, am I right?

So I woke up with the tribe and helped Mike get the kids ready for daycare. He had a lovely Skinny Vanilla Latte ready for me and after some cuddles, clothes, diaper changes and breakfast eating the troops were off and I had the house to myself. I’ll be honest, for a second I was sad, because as much and I love/need alone time I also love spending time with my little fam. So the sensitive crab that I am ( June 30th is a Cancer horoscope sign, don’t ya know? ) had a min of pouting and then realized hey! I wanted this and promptly grabbed my latte and sat down to catch up on PLL. Yesss. It was fab. I planned to meet my friend Jenny later at the pool so I began to get ready.

Another amazing perk at my work is that it has its own gym, and the gym is affiliated with others around town so as long as I go 8 times a month my employer pays my next month’s gym fee and I get access to all these gym for free! There is one close to work that has an outdoor pool and I decided I would check it out on my bday. I got there around 10 and the cutest little water aerobics class was happening. I imagined Mike and I taking a class like that when we were in our seventies, they looked like they were having a blast! Jenny and I also had a grand time just laying out soaking in that vitamin D, catching up on life and relaxing.

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The Good Life!

After a couple hours we met up with Mike and he surprised me with the prettiest bouquet of pink roses and a darling balloon that was juts hilarious. He gets me. Then we headed downtown for lunch at La Merenda. I had been wanting to got there for yeeeaaaarrrrs. Seriously forever. The idea of tastey little tapas from all over the word sounded amazing and right up my alley. I had built it up so much in my head I was sure I would be a little disappointed when I finally went. But no! I wasn’t! Not at all! It was even better than than I dreamed! We split a pitcher of Sangria which was so so good and then picked a few plates to share. Tres Leches and Creme Caramel were dessert and I seriously want to go back now as I am typing this.


We then picked the kids up and headed home for the night. We played outside and then grilled burgers for dinner. Mike and Mia got me a yummy fruit tart cake and both the kiddos helped me blow out the candles.

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Love them so much!

It seriously was a lovely birthday and I am looking forward to another year of adventures ❀



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