FabFitFun Spring 2016 Box Review

How does time slip by so quickly! I intended to write this review months ago but am just getting around to it now and I already received the summer box, yikes! Sometimes life just gets busy but here is my review of the spring box that is my favorite so far!! Fall box review here and Winter box review here.


Marrakesh Hair Oil: This is a heavy duty oil! I have really thick curly hair and used just one pump and think even that might be too much but you can tell the argan and hemp oils are powerful and the right balance should work really well.

Contour Kit - Light/Medium

ISH Beauty Contour Kit: I’ll start this by saying I do not know how to contour so this item intimidated me and I have not tried actual contouring yet but I DO really like the highlighter to use on my cheekbones and bridge of my nose and the pretty pink blush is a win too.

Love Tag Necklace

Jook and Nona Gold Plated Tag Necklace: My faaaavvve I literally wear mine every.single.day. Mine says “Love” which I love obviously but it is so delicate and simple it goes with everything.


Thirty One Bits Gift Card: They have such beautiful and unique pieces, I got an amazing bracelet with my gift card that I adore.

Kitchen Herb DIY Kit: ok you guys….I was the most excited about this one. We were starting our garden for the year anyway and I daydreamed about this cute little herb garden on my kitchen windowsill. Husband dearest planted Β them along with the rest of our garden seedlings and we waited. His garden took off and this herb garden? Nada. Nothing. Not one sign of growth! For weeks. We finally dug in to see if anything was happening and didn’t find a single indication growth was occurring. I was sooo sad! Lucky for me I have the sweetest hubby ever that on that same night went out and got me little herb plants to plant in the planter so I could still have my herb garden. He is bestest. But yeah this one was a fail.

Hello Legs Shaving Lotion: This stuff is amazing!! Leaves you legs super super soft! I’m sad my bottle is almost gone.

Jus D’Amour Baath Bomg Trinity: It took me about 2 months of trying to finally find time to enjoy a bath and one of these beauties but they did not disappoint! I tried the rose sandalwood one and cant wait to try the rest!


Merrithew Mat Strap Plus: What a smart little invention! And its pink so, they had me at pink and yoga but this strap can be used with your workout or to carry your yoga mat!

Body Pure Glove and Socks: These work super well, I wish they had give us a couple more sets…but still an awesome find.

Overall I think this was a great box and the items were all very spring inspired and well, fab, fit and fun πŸ™‚






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