Once Upon A Birthday Eve

Mia’s Preschool class had a field trip planned to the pond this week and they had invited the parents to come along. It is rare I can sneak away and spend time with my girl on a weekday so I was determined to “make it work” and go on this field trip. I walked over from corporate at 10 am ( I love that my work has a on site daycare and my chickadees are only a walk away) and met another Mom in the lobby . It’s funny HOW Β excited we both were to get to go on this little adventure, but it is so rare that we get these opportunities I know we both truly cherish when the opportunity arises. The kiddos came around the corner and Mia was so surprised to see me! She was a bit confused at first but once she realized I was coming along she was over the moon πŸ™‚ I held her little hand as we crossed the parking lot and up this little hill and couldn’t believe the gorgeous site I was seeing! I thought we were walking to this small pond we have near corp but this was waaaay prettier and I had no idea it was even there! The kids all ran down the hill squealing with delight and then listened to their teacher talk about the pond, the animals you can see in a pond and more. Lots of kids including Mia instantly grabbed sticks on the beach and started waving them around. It was instinctual almost and so nice to see all of them play outside so well. They Β even found a tiny little frog! A few kids threw some small rocks in the pond and they all rock climbed along these boulders near by before settling on a big blanket for storytime. They were all toooo cute!

When we got home Mike told me he wanted to make me a nice birthday eve dinner, and I was like yes, yes I would like that, thank you. Then he brought out a bottle of prosecco and I was like oh, I love you. Β So he grilled up some yummy steaks and we had a delightful family dinner alfresco on the back porch. While Mike was grilling we had a little party crasher! The cutest little deer popped up out of nowhere and was nibbling on the leaves of the trees on top of our hill. It was presh. Dinner was followed by the most gorgeous sunset, a perfect ending to this fairytale birthday eve. The End.

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