Taking Stock Spring 2016


Sunsent Taking Stock

I thought it would be fun to do another one of these as it is hard for me to post consistently yet I still want to be able to look back and see a glimpse of our day to day every now and again.So here we go, taking stock Spring 2016:

MAKING : Essential oil blends.This is what I put last time and well, its still true! I have truly enjoyed learning more about essential oils and just made a thieves roller for my Mother in Law last weekend! Also making: our house into a home. I feel like I am just now investing my time into decorating the house and discovering my decorative style/ taste has been fun! I don’t know what took me so long!

COOKING : too many baked goods. Banana bread, muffins, cakes and more, since the last time I “took stock” Mia and I have been baking like mad women! It has been so wonderful seeing her joy for baking develop, she loves wearing our matching pink cupcake aprons ( who wouldn’t?!) and whipping up something special for her Daddy and Joa her squishy booshy! Ok, explanation here. For both my children, when they were tiny newborns and I was soaking in all that new baby yumminess I blurted out the most random nicknames for them. Both times. With Mia it was “Boogle” no idea why, it just happened and stuck and we still call her that to this day and she responds to it every time. Joa was squishy booshy! Again no idea why! What is a booshy one may ask? I dont know I just know it’s my Joaquim. But yeah we like baking for them 🙂 I am also trying to plan our meals a bit better so Mike and I can take leftovers to work and we can save a little money.

DRINKING : More coffee than usual. This is still true. I’m at about a cup a day which is waaaay more than I ever drank before. But hey I’m digging it.

READING : Lots of children’s books as per usual. Joa likes these ABC books we have that are only 3 pages each and have pictures of things that start with that letter. By far his favorites are D and K for some reason….we read through all of them every.single.night. and this book called Good Night Baby. Mia is also all about the books lately and now at bed time, she”reads” one book to me, usually she can recite a whole (small) book by memory! But a lot of times she freestyles it and those are the best. Need to record more of that. .

WANTING : Sleep. More sleep would be divine, and sunshine! More sunshine please! Temps have slowing been warming up but I want 70s and 80s now! I want days at the park and the pool and on hikes and walks around the neighborhood. Dinners cooked on a grill and eaten outside on the back porch. Basically I want summer yes?

PLAYING: Soccer and basketball with Mia and Joa, shape sorting with Joaquim coloring with Mia, and puzzles! Also playing a whole lot of Taylor Swift. I am very late to the T-Swift bandwagon but boy am I on it full force now and have taken Mia along for the ride. She requests shake it off everyday on the way to school and knows most of the words! She also likes bad blood alot….dont know if I should read into that but for know I think she just likes the beat and to say “Hey!” at the right times 🙂 Also playing a lot of Brothers Osborne, Frank Sinatra with Tom Jobim, the Lumineers.

WASTING: time on my phone. I need to put it down more and I get sucked into social media and miss  what’s happening right in front of me all to often. Working on it.

WISHING :That we could fast forward to next weekend when I go to Florida for my bestie’s bachelorette party!

ENJOYING : Watching Joa communicate more and more. He is such a  toddler now and I have to remind myself of that constantly. Where did my baby go?! Watching Mia and Joa together is still my fave thing to do. She adores him so and takes being a Big Sister very seriously. Joa is also obsessed with Mia and wants to be by her side at all times. Even when she’s going to the potty. Ha!

LIKING : Watching out garden come to life as husband dearest works hard each weekend! Little seedlings are now tiny veggie plants and herb plants, rose bushes have been planted on the hill, garden boxes have been built stained and placed into that same hill. So excited to see it all come together this summer and best of all, have fresh veggies and herbs to eat and cook with and fresh roses cut from out own backyard!

WONDERING :What the future holds. I feel like this is a time where A LOT is changing all around me…yet I am staying still….which, is nice actually since I have had a lot of change myself these past 5 years or so. But makes me wonder all the more what life will be like five years from now.

LOVING : My family! I know I said that last time but it’s true! With the little free time I have I do love spending most of it with my little tribe. I have however been venturing out a bit more and I really have been loving spending some time with girlfriends every now and then, just talking and having a glass of wine and being girly you know?

HOPING : The weather in nice for Florida! I want to enjoy a good book at the beach please and thank you!

MARVELING : At the little lady Mia is becoming. She has such a big heart and wild spirit. She lights up any room and her smile is contagious. Adore that sweet girl!

NEEDING : To get the house in order. I am in total spring cleaning mode and want to organize EVERYTHING.

SMELLING : Lavender and orange essential oils- one of my new fave combos! And all those baked goods I mentioned earlier 🙂 Also starting to smell dinners cooked on grills in the neighborhood on my drive home, sure sign summer is coming 🙂

WEARING : Getting dressed has been difficult these days as I refuse to go back to sweater and boots yet Wisconsin is still a tad chilly. So I have been sticking mainly to jeans and leggings with my flats and a flowy top of some sort.

FOLLOWING : I have not really looked for new blogs lately…I know I’ll probably be shamed from the blogger world for saying that, but its true. I have so little free time these days and I have found a handful of blogs I really love, I mentioned them here a few times before and they are on my blogroll here as well. When life is a little less hectic Ill follow more Im sure.

NOTICING : That I miss working out. I never do it anymore and not only feel it on my body, my energy level, my waistline…but I just have this desire to work out now that I never had until I did 21 day fix. I dont know if I will be doing that again, but I want to figure out a routine that works so I can get a small workout in each day.

KNOWING : That these are the days! When the kids still think we are the coolest humans ever and want to spend every second with us, when we dont have schedules yet packed with activities to go back and forth from, days where we can just be. Back in January I wrote how I felt this was a year to recharge and I still believe this to be true. I am finding real beauty in standing still and regrouping and know it is right for right now.

THINKING : About all the fun things we will do this summer! Daydreaming about it really. Going to the beach and swimming in a lake, picnics on soft green grass, fairs, all the fairs, strawberry picking, farmers markets, outdoor concerts, hikes and bike rides, sitting on the back porch and eating a nice meal, catching fireflies in a jar with the kiddos, making a bonfire….I love you summer!

BOOKMARKING : Hair ideas for Sarah’s wedding ( I am a bridesmaid), natural recipes, cute shops I find on instagram, gardening tip and tricks and home decor thingys.

OPENING : a bit too many packages from Amazon lately but most have been things for the house that we needed and were good deals.

GIGGLING : With my husband. Being parents can be tough and I love that we still make each other laugh all the time.

FEELING : Less overwhelmed than I have in a long while! I feel like things are falling into place and that everything is as it should be.

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