Joaquim-15 Months

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Joaquim is 15 months today! A ball of energy this one but is just now starting to enjoy sitting for a minute or two with a book or toy. Chasing his big sister and puppy is still his all time favorite thing to do along with tackling Mia down for a hug 😍 Also a bigggg fan of peek-a-boo! The struggle has been real transitioning from bottles to sippy cups but we are staying strong! Sleep is getting better, although we did experience the lovely 15-18 month sleep regression last week…and balance it getting steadier and steadier.

Words: ” mama, dada, “ma” for Mia, “yeah, yeah, yeah!” for yes, uh oh whenever he drops something, intentional or not, starting to say “Hi”.

Joa loves being outside and daydreaming in his strollerΒ  while on our family walks. Walking has turned into running lately, and there are attempts being made to eat with utensils. He gives THE best hugs when you get him out of the crib in the mornings. Also adores using his impressive pitching arm to toss food far far away from his high chair. Most of all he is a joy to everyone around him and has the sweetest soul, and a heart melting smile. We love you Joaquim!!

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