Winter Recap

Well supposedly Spring is here but Wisco did not get the memo. There was even a nasty day of ice rain which made for the scariest commute home ever. Like ever. I already get a little anxiety every time I’m driving with the kids in the car adding bad weather does not help this matter. We saw several cars skid into circles near us, my brakes just did not work at several stop lights (luckily I had left lots of distance between me and the cars in front of me) it was a mess. When I pulled into the garage that night I felt like I had survived some crazy obstacle course.

So since it feels like winter is still here in our part of the world, I thought I’d recap what life was like this winter through photos and where we ended up on our winter bucket list. Enjoy!

Winter Bucket List 2015/2016

  1. Play in the snow/ build a snowman!
  2. Drink hot chocolate
  3. Enjoy a fire in the fireplace
  4. Decorate for Christmas
  5. See Mia’s preschool holiday program
  6. Go to the Children’s Museum
  7. See Enchantment in the Park
  8. Take Mia to Brunch with Santa/get pic of the kiddos with Santa
  9. Christmas in Minnesota!!!!!!
  10. Take Mia to her first movie in the movie theater
  11. Joa’s first birthday!
  12. Do a kid friendly winter craft





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