Mia’s First Dance Shoes

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Tiny Dancer

When I was pregnant with Joaquim I knew things would soon change and Mia would have less time with her Mama. I wanted to pick an activity for her to do so she would feel like she was getting some special attention and a little time that was all about her. Since she already loved to dance I signed her up for a tippy toes class at the local Y. She had fun, mainly enjoying wearing leotards and tutus; but the teacher was a bit strict for these little ballerinas in my opinion and just an odd duck in general.

When it came time to sign up again Mia said she wanted to but then refused to go to the first class! I decided to stop dance for a bit thinking it either wasn’t for her or at least not at this age.

A few months later Mia started asking about dance class again. I told her we could try again soon, but reminded her she didn’t want to go last time we tried. She continued to ask…again and again until I decided we would try again this spring. She was over the moon when I told her! I probably told her too soon because for the next month or so she would ask me if it was time to go to dance class daily. If I would say “ok Mia, we are going to _ today” she would quickly reply with “and then we go to dance class??” πŸ™‚ My tiny dancer could.not.wait. for her first class.

This time we signed her up at Brookfield Center For The Arts for their tippy toes class. They are basing their dance off a children’s book called “Pinkalicious” which I plan to get for Mia to read soon. It sounds like a super cute story and Mia’s fave color is pink so it couldn’t be a better class for her! Her bestie Morgan will be taking the class too which will make it extra fun!

Yesterday the whole fam took Mia to get her very first pair of pink ballet slippers. She was excited all day and her mommy was too πŸ™‚

We went to Ballera since the BCFTA recommended them. We walked in to a sea of pink and glitter and tutus. My girl was in heaven! She wanted EVERYTHING in that store ha but we settled on an adorable light pink skirt with sparkles and a purple leotard. Mia was the sweetest little angel getting fitted for her shoes! Until she swung from the bar…not ok! But sooo Mia lol.

It was such a fun and sweet moment and I can’t wait to watch her in her first class tomorrow!

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Love my girl!!

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Prom 2016

Last weekend Mike and I went to Prom. Yes, that’s right me and my Husband went to Prom. It was a charity event for the Boys and Girls Club of Milwaukee and my bestie Sarah and her fiancee Derek invited us along πŸ™‚

It was our first night away from the kids together. Ever. We had each been away before ( I went to Door Country for a girls weekend with Mike’s side of the family when Mia was about 2 and to CA with my Mom and sissy in law when I was preggo with Joa, again just for a weekend; and Mike had a couple business trips to D.C and Orlando) but we Β had never spent a whole night away together since we had Mia! That’s almost four years ago! Β Needless to say it was long over due.

Am I the only mom that has a really hard time with this?! On one hand I was soooo looking forward to a night out with friends, to sleep without the constant hum of a monitor or a chance to be woken in the middle of the night. On the other hand, how would I survive without those bedtime snuggles? Would they?

But I put my big girl pants on and let it all go, and I’m so glad I did! We had soooo much fun! Mike had maybe a little toooo much fun πŸ˜‰ We met up with Sarah and Derek at their place and had a quick drink before the Uber arrived. My first uber experience! We then headed downtown and met the other two couples at the Knick for dinner. The food was amazing! We all split a bunch of apps, I chose the aranciniΒ because, Italian duh, and then had the bacon wrapped meatloaf both delish. Mike had fish tacos that he also said were pretty great.

We then walked over to the venue where the Prom was being held. Side note: our group had a lot of fun messing with the valet at the restaurant and random people passing by telling them we were going to the Prom. Lots of confused pauses and stares lol.

Within minutes of us getting to the Prom and getting our drinks Mike was ready to hit the dance floor. One thing you may not know about my husband is that he looooves to dance and is actually really good! I am a big fan myself but he always, always outlasts me on the dance floor and that night was no different. He was one with the music that guy and we danced the night away like a couple teenagers at…well the prom. Random note: we found out that night that three of us in the group had all taken an African Dance course in college! Three! So you better believe those dance moves came out later that night, and after watching the video Sarah took of us I must say we were all on beat and in sync with each other! Ha!

After the Prom Sarah, Derek, Mike and I headed to a fun tiki bar, but only Derek partook in an actual tiki drink. Then another Uber had us back at their place and we chilled and talked for a bit; well…Mike told stories and we listened;) Sarah was the first to go to bed then me and the boys after that.

I slept until 8, Β I cannot remember when that happened last. We had coffee and hung out waiting for Mike to emerge. My feet were so sore from the night before I couldnt even believe it, thank goodness I remembered flip flops for the next day! Finally Mike was up and moving around 10:30 and we went out to brunch at a fun little place called BKC Story Hill.Β Β It felt like the old college days Β πŸ™‚

We didn’t Β even make it back home until around 2 so that was almost 24 hours away from my babies! Β I knew they were in good hands though and not only were they well taken care of, Β they were bathed the night before, dishes AND laundry had been done and Mia was NAPPING when we got home. Mia! She has not napped at home since she turned 3! Joa was so happy to see us when we walked in, the feeling was mutual buddy! He gave me theeee best hug when I picked him up and then kept holding on to me and resting his head on my shoulder.

Overall we had a great night out, and I need to push myself to do this more often, because while I always feel like nothing is better than spending time with family, I had forgotten how fun it can be to go out with a group of friends and just let go.

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The group! Side note: I met Sarah in college but Mike and Derek went to High school together and all these boys in this group went to the same high school and went to at least one dance together back then!
Classic prom pose lol


The bride to be!



My love!


The Kid(s) Behind The Blog- April

Time to link up again for another fun interview with Miss Mia Maria!

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Another fave of hers ❀️

\\ What’s your favorite thing to do with your friends?

“Umm play babies!” This is spot on. By far fave thing to do!
\\ Who is your favorite person?

Thinks for a minute, finger on chin…”You!” (and points to me like Uncle Sam does in that one poster )

\\ When playing outside, what do your ideal sunny day plans look like?

“Ride a bike!”

\\ What do you like to do when it’s raining? (Since April showers bring May Flowers)

“Stay inside!” This is true for the most, she’ll stand by the sliding door and sing Rain, Rain, Go Away” almost every time she sees its raining lol

\\ If you could plant a garden of anything, what would you plant?

“Ummm A flower! “When asked what kind: “pink!” No surprise there! Good thing Daddy bought Mommy a pink rose bush last weekend! πŸ™‚


I tried interviewing Joaquim and he said “All done!” Ha!