Home Tour: Joaquim’s Room

I’ve always loved when my favorite bloggers post tours of their homes. It’s so fun to see how people make their house into a home and how everyone’s decorative style differs, or sometimes is the same! So I thought I’d start with a little tour of Β Joa’s room. His room is the newest/most recently updated. When we first moved into our house we only had Mia so Joa’s room served as a ” let’s put everything we don’t have a place for here” room. I am soooo happy with how it turned out and I absolutely could not have done it without that amazing creative husband of mine. So many details in this room are handmade by him and it makes it that much more special.


So here we go, a tour of Joaquim’s Room ( side note: these pics were taken prior to Joa’s arrival, so let’s play the fun game of what’s different now as we look at these)


This mural….oh how I adore this mural! I took to pinterest when I decided I wanted to do a world map/adventurer theme for his nursery and found a few pics of an idea I liked and promptly showed Mike my plan for him πŸ™‚ He is the painter of our family, artsy or regular wall painting, he does it best! And I mean, look at this wall! The detail, the texture, it is exactly what I had in mind, an old vintageΒ treasure map like look, he nailed it.

Oh and see the changing station frame over the dresser? He MADE that and stained it to match the room. Β Not much had changed here except now we have a shelf on the left that Mike loves to call “the continental shelf” lol it has hooks too so we hang Joa’s adorable hooded towels and his little robe there as well as some fun little trinkets like a handmade “Joey” kangaroo that was a gift when I was pregnant with him and still debating on calling him “Joey” , a little “J” bear from Mike’s sister’s trip to NY, and Mike’s grandfather’s binoculars. Oh and that diaper genie broke so we now have a wicker basket because we are not having any more babies and I couldn’t bring myself to drop cash on another one, so we have a wicker waste basket instead. Oh and speaking of diapers the size has changed, what here is a package of newborn size is now a size 5….yes 5 and he is only one! #biggermanbaby



Joaquim’s crib! Look how high that mattress is! Crazy! Now it is all the way down to the lowest setting. The rail on the left also has all kinds of teeth marks and scratches. Thanks teething. Those baskets are now in the closet, we no longer use the mesh bumper, and that faux bearskin rug is now in out basement. We are thinking of replacing it with this one Β in dark brownΒ as it is much softer and more kid friendly. Ok so what did Mike make here you ask? The wooden letters! I saw them at hobby lobby but they were out of the “J” for months! So Mike of course says “I can make that” and so he did and they are perfect. He also put the crib together. I feel like I should mention that for some reason.


This little nook! I love it so! See those cedar shelves? Yup Mike made those too, complete with branch rails. Swoon. He also creatively made that lamp from mix and match pieces at world market. And like I mentioned here I painted that painting πŸ™‚ Oh and look there are those binoculars I mentioned earlier. They have moved to the continental shelf πŸ˜‰ Β To the right is an old Irish poem that Mike’s mom had framed that I love, so fun to add family history into his room.


Last but certainly not least is the mobile. I recently posted on insta about this but had to rave about it again. Mike did such a great job with this, and I appreciated his company during all those late night newborn feedings while he was on his paternity leave. Β All the details, so special, so him.


And that’s Joaquim’s room! Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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