Taking Stock

I saw this on this blog I follow and thought it was a great way to capture what the current happening are in our family!

MAKINGย : Essential oil blends. I got a few more since the lavender one my Mom got me for Christmas and I have been researching uses/purposes and making my own blends and then putting them in little roller bottles to take on the go. I have been really enjoying EOs so far but my faves at this moment are Lavender, Thieves and Frankincense.

COOKING : Not as much as I’d like to be. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But I did make these cookies this weekend that turned out super yummy as well as this chicken recipe ( a go to in this house) recently. I would like to get back on track in this dept making healthier homemade meals and taking them to work to save some cash. Mike did cook up two great meals yesterday using stew eat we bought at Costco! If you are a meat eating member and have not tried their stew meat it is excellent! He made a beef vegetable soup and yummy southwestern seasoned beef to make tacos with or have over white rice. I’d post a recipe but that’s not Mike’s style. He just goes with the flow and cooks in the moment.

DRINKING : More coffee than usual. I go through phases of high coffee intake and am in the middle of one lately. I’ll get back to my tea flow soon I’m sure. Also not enough water BUT getting this water bottle has helped me make huge progress in this area. I am not a big water drinker and am very sensitive to how different materials affect the taste but love love love drinking out of this water bottle.

READING :ย Attempting to read Outlander. Still. I have big plans for me and this book when I got to FL for a bachelorette party this May. Have so many others on the list too but this is #1. Also reading: Goodnight Moon, Each Peach Pear Plum, an assortment of these “Where is baby’s _ books”ย , and Brown bear of course.

WANTING : Several things. But mainly winter to be over. I am sooo over the cold. I am ready for spring flower blossoms, warmer temps and NO snow. More time with the kids. More time alone with the husband; if I’m being totally honest a nice tropical vacation alone with said husband. ย And just getting the house back in order. I feel like we’ve been living in chaos since the beginning of winter and get close to getting back on track and then nope chaos again.

PLAYING : Building towers for Joa to knock down, babies with Mia, Harry Connick Jr. when Joa is fighting sleep, Lumineers when I’m doing laundry, and a country mix when I’m picking up the house.

SEWING : This was a section on Tisse’s blog post so I am just acknowledging that I do not know how to sew, but should learn. In the least I could patch up some pants and sew on some loose buttons that way.

WISHING : That time would slow down! There are not enough hours in a day! And my babes are growing way to quickly if you ask me.

ENJOYING : The few shows I watch for me: PLL and The Bachelor. High quality entertainment I know but it’s mindless entertainment at it’s best! Also enjoying watching Mia and Joa together. Playing, hugging, laughing. It’s just the best. ever.

LIKING : Way to much online. I have been pretty good lately at restraining myself from my quick to buy instincts but all these great deals I’ve been seeing fill my inbox lately have been hard to pass up! Also liking: connecting with more bloggers/insta moms!

WONDERING :ย If Joa will ever consistently sleep through the night and/or catch a break from his crazy sensitive skin and teething congestion.

LOVING : My tribe. I feel like in times of chaos like this, when you feel like you have no routine, your little tribe can lift you right up! Whether it’s a hug from Mia, a big grin and kiss from Joa, a look that only I understand from Mike, or even when Lola just comes and sits next to me placing a paw on my foot. They know what I need! and I love that.

HOPING :ย That the bridesmaid dress I ordered and then found out I can’t return fits. Whoops. Also that I survive this bachelorette party in May, I haven’t had 3 days sans kids in almost 4 years. Not sure how to handle it!

MARVELING : At the little boy Joa is becoming. Each day a new milestone, another tooth sprouting, more steps, better communication. It is just amazing how much they grow and change.

NEEDING :ย To clean this house and catch up on laundry. Also a good night’s sleep. Make that a good week of sleep.

SMELLING : Lavender essential oil I put on my wrists this morning. ahhh heaven.

WEARING : Right now? My husband’s old high school basketball sweatpants and my UWM hoodie. Hot I know. I go through so many phases of trends and fashion but I always seem to gravitate back to a boho vibe and sure enough its coming baaaack. Wanting everything flowy and free peopleish I see. Also having a major love affair with midi rings and stackers from here and here. Alsoย wearing my stack of pura vida bracelets daily.

FOLLOWING : This blog, and thisย one, and this one.

NOTICING : That I need a color and trim so made an appt for Feb. I’m still growing it out and have a long way before it’s at the length I want but a healthy snip will help it grow, grow, grow. And while I’m being honest the color can cover up that nice patch of gray I have going on. Like a legit patch. Mike says it’s because I stress out so much…hoping the essential oils will help my anxiety a bit.

KNOWING : That this too shall pass. That even in this chaotic time I need to soak in every minute because it will be over before I know it.

THINKING :ย About if we should move or not. Constantly.

BOOKMARKING :ย Essential oil info/recipes, recipes in general, and houses for sale.

OPENING : The fridge for a snack ๐Ÿ˜‰

GIGGLING : At how silly I can be sometimes with my stress. Needing to learn how to let it go Elsa style and accept that somethings are not in my control.

FEELING :ย Blessed, thankful, stressed, overwhelmed, tired, happy, content, you know, all the feelings. But there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t feel blessed to be living this life.

So there you go, what’s going on with you? I’d love to hear!

3 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. I always love posts like these. Not just because I’m a curious person about other people but because having it to look back on years later is eye opening. You remember all kinds of things. And hey, thanks for the shout out!!!

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