The Meaning Behind It All


The day I painted this painting for Joaquim I had taken off my wedding rings to get my manicure earlier and put them in a pocket in my purse. I left them off to paint because I thought hey, don’t want to get paint on that! When I leave the painting studio I am so excited about hanging my painting in his nursery I forget to put my rings back on. When I get home I go to the pocket I put my rings but… No rings. I look all throughout my purse….no rings. Now mind you, I had some major cases of pregnancy brain when I was pregnant with Joaquim. So I didn’t know where I could have left them. I thought it was more likely the nail salon since that’s where I took them off. Call. No rings. Try the art studio. No answer, not open yet. Try again and get transferred to mgrs cell who is pulling up to the studio. They didn’t see anything but will look at where I said I had been painting. What?! You found them?! On the floor right where I was painting THREE days ago?! I cried. So many tears. Tears of joy, tears of relief, tears of faith.

I knew there was a message there. Β A lesson to be learned, something to take away. But I just couldn’t see it. Until after Joa was born. And then on a particularly hard week in the Zahner house it hit me. Do not let you marriage get lost after you have your children. Marriage is amazing. A blessing. But it’s also hard. It’s easy to take the person and the love they have for you for granted. Balancing two full time jobs and two kids leaves little time for connecting with your spouse or room to have your relationship grow. Sure you’ve become closer than ever since having kids. A true team. But that is different than your romantic relationship. We’ve all been there, your spouse gets home and your both stressed and exhausted and one kids running around and one is crying and the LAST thing you are thinking of is giving your husband/wife a kiss and a hug and saying “Hi! How was your day?” But that’s when we should do it most. That’s when we need it most. And losing these rings was like a little personal message to me saying “hey! You over there! Don’t go losing your marriage after having this baby!” It’s something I still need to work on for sure. But that painting sure is a great reminder πŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “The Meaning Behind It All

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  2. So true. How easy it is to take your wonderful spouse for granted, how hard to remember to pay attention, to give, to make yourself pretty just for him, when you are sleep deprived, exhausted and full with the love of and for your babies. Your story is so sweet, honest and important. Hope lots if young moms read it!

  3. Oh my this stresses me out. I would panic. So glad you found them! And yes! Husbands! Can’t forget them in the scheme of things. They will be the ones left with us when our babies leave us. Sniff.

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