Holidays With The Zahners

I took a long break from writing during the holidays. I wanted to try and take everything in; really soak in that family time while I had these days off. That doesn’t mean that there weren’t several moments where I thought ” Oh I need to blog about that!” or ” Let me take a picture of this quick!” Β I just made a quick note or snapped a couple pics instead of the usual 258. But I did miss it; and now I find myself in January trying to recap some of November and ALL of December INCLUDING Β Christmas! So…here we go:

Thanksgiving 2015:

We spent Thanksgiving in Wisconsin like we do most years, and all gathered at Mike’s parents for some delicious food and time with the family. I’ve said it before but it is so nice to have Mike’s family around and have holidays filled with family! Growing up, all my family was in Brazil except my parents and my brother so holidays were just the four of us. It is such a blessing to see Mia and Joaquim surrounded by all these wonderful people that adore them so much!

thanksgiving 2015

thanksgiving 2015 2.jpg

zahners thanksgiving 2015

mashed potatoes 2015.jpg

After Thanksgiving we did as most do and decorated for Christmas! This was the first year Mia got into trimming the tree and started to really understand the whole story of Christmas, Santa and all that comes with this fabulous holiday. It is such a treat to relive and see all the magic through their eyes. It makes you truly get into the spirit and enjoy all the traditions. πŸ™‚ Here is a photo dump of some tree trimming and pre-Christmas Christmas activities:

tree trimming 2015.jpg

fun with my boo christmas 2015.jpg



putting star on tree 2015.jpg

joa trimming tree 2015.jpg

mia pannetonne 2015.jpg

zahner christmas tree 2015.jpg

elf on the shelf 2015.jpg

Gigi brought a friend this year for Joa and it was double the fun see where they ended up each day!


Brunch with Santa!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Me and my sunshine girl

image5 (3)

Made some ornaments!


And here are some non-Christmas related moments pre-Christmas:


baking with mia.jpg

Baking with Miss Mia Maria!

heart for you 2015.jpg

Mia said” Look Mama I made you a heart!”

Mia basketball practice.jpg

Mia at Daddy’s basketball practice

watching dad coach.jpg

And cheering his team on at a game!

joa watching dad coach.jpg

joa 11 months old.jpg

Joa turned 11 months old!

sibling love.jpg


Then on Christmas Eve Β we were off to Minnesota for Christmas!!! I was soooo excited! We had not spent a Christmas at my parents since Mia’s first Christmas in 2012. We were long overdue, and Mike’s parents and his sisters were coming to MN too so it was win win!

We got there a little before dinner and unpacked and relaxed for a bit. My Dad introduced Mia to The Beatles Yellow Submarine and ever since she sings the songs daily and wants to watch the movie constantly lol. We then all had my all time favorite meal. Ever. I whine if my mom tries to change it at all and look forward to it every year. This year did not disappoint and as I type this I find myself wishing I still had some filet roast, champagne rice, scalloped potatoes, farofa and more in my fridge.

Mia left cookies for Santa, it was adorable. The confusion on why such a tradition exists, the excitement in getting to do it and and utmost care and concern that you did it right. Will Santa find them there? Will he like the cookies? Love, love, love!

The next morning was no different. Seeing her sleepy little body wobble down the stairs, still getting her balance but excited none the less. Β Joy at seeing all the gifts under the tree and in the stockings. What I loved most was hearing her thank whoever gave her the gift right after she got it. Before even opening it. Joa loved the paper. Oh how he loved the paper. And the hammer he got with his tool set. Mike’s parents and sisters joined us for brunch later that morning and then again later that night for some amazing lasagna my Mama made from scratch. Good food, good company, it was perfect.

Here are some pics from our Christmas in MN:

christmas in mn 2012 and 2015

Mia’s first Christmas in 2012 on the left and Joa’s first Christmas in 2015 on the right!

christmas mike and me 2015.jpg

mn tree.jpg

mn fireplace.jpg

milk and cookiesjpg.jpg

christmas mornign 2015


Mia and her dollhouse 2015

Joa and lola .jpg

The day before we left we went to the Minnesota Zoo! Mia had been looking forward to this for months and even had an outfit set out for the big event. She had a blast and we got the chance to catch up with some college friends! It is always fun to see them and to see how our lives have changed now that we are married and with little ones! Their boy Ansel is close to Mia’s age and they got along so well! All in all a great day πŸ™‚

Minnesota Zoo.jpg

The next day was hard. Leaving MN is always hard. My mom went outside and waved goodbye as we drove away, as she’s always done, but this time, before I even started crying…and I cry every. time. we. leave. Mia started crying! 😦 She was so sad to leave her Vovo and Vovo and of course as soon as me and my Mom see her cry we lose it and start crying too. Ugh such emotions. We then drove the 6+ hours home. The kids did well sleeping most of the way!

roadtrip back to wi.jpg

We then enjoyed a few days just as a family of four before closing the books on 2015 and welcoming in 2016!

joa winter 2015.jpg

new years 2015

joas first new years.jpg

So there you have it. It may not seem like a quick recap but it issssss I promise! I’ll finish this post with a few thoughts for 2016.

One: I am not doing a resolution but more of a goal. A goal to focus on health this year. And health in many ways. A healthy body, healthy mind, healthy balance of work and free time, healthy finances, healthy family. Just an overall health upgrade. My first step on this journey is Essential Oils. I’ve decided to take the full plunge and am going to be incorporating these into my family’s daily routines. Excited to see what may come.

Two: One of my new fave bloggers to readΒ CaseyΒ Β posted recently about choosing a word, just one word, to represent a year.Β Β I love this idea! So I thought about it for a few days and the same word kept coming to my mind. Recharge. Since 2011 basically life has been non stop. I graduated college, got married, started my first real job and got pregnant all in that year. Oh yeah and we moved. Twice. Β Then adjusting to married life AND mommy life was a doozy. Then 2014 I started a new job and found out I was pregnant with Joaquim. Fast forward to 6 months post Joaquim’s birthΒ and I started another new job! Mike also had several job changes throughout those years. I lost my Uncle and my Grandfather in those years. A lot happened in those years. And now, now that we know we are done having babies, and both seem to be really happy in our current careers I keep hearing the word recharge. It’s time. Time to get balanced, time to get back in control, time to get back on track, and recharge. And I am so, so looking forward to it.


6 thoughts on “Holidays With The Zahners

  1. Wow what a busy few weeks and uhm years huh? The holidays looked like a wonderful time and I totally get the crying when leaving thing. I used to sob for hours after leaving my grandparent’s house in ny. Hours. I love the idea of a word and I think you chose so very well! I wish you the best of luck!

    1. Thanks Laurie! I always love your support, reading your comments on here always makes me happy! Thanks for being my blady friend πŸ˜‰ And yes leaving is the worst! I don’t think I’ll ever not cry. ha

  2. Love it! What a beautiful insight into your family’s holiday traditions. Sending extra love your way because I always appreciate a good shout out to Wisconsin, which is where I hail from. πŸ˜‰

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