Brunch With Santa

This year was the first year I decided to take Mia to Brunch with Santa at my work. I was originally planning to take Joa as well but see here for what happened instead. I didn’t know what to expect out of the whole thing but it was a lot of fun ( minus a few tantrums) and turned into an unexpected Mommy Daughter date which are so rare for us these days!



We ended up getting there about 10 mins early whichΒ is crazy considering the day we were having. We sat and waited for them to let us in, Mia did pretty well and just had one minor melt down πŸ™‚

The brunch was pretty extensive with french toast, pancakes, bacon and sausage, potatoes and more. Mia especially loved the hot chocolate and big bowl of marshmallows…..well more like just the big bowl of marshmallows “Mama can I eat alllllll the marshmallows?”





The best part was when Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived. Mia’s eyes lit up in a mixture of excitement, nervousness, fear and joy. It was so special to see the first time she really understood what seeing Santa meant and how magical it all really is at this sweet young age.

It took a while to convince her to get in line to see him and even then she kept asking me “Mommy can you tell Santa I want a doll and blanket?” Her nervousness was toooo cute!


When it was finally her turn she almost didn’t let go of me but seemed to bond with Mrs. Claus and gravitated to her right away. She wouldn’t look at Santa in the eye and talked to him through Mrs. Claus but overall it was a sweet, sweet experience and memories I will hold dear for the rest of my life.


Just a couple more work days now until I am off from the 23-3rd! Woohooo! We will be traveling to Minnesota for Christmas this year and I am soooooo excited! I have not been home for Christmas since 2011 for Mia’s first Christmas so we are long overdue; and I love that Joaquim’s first Christmas will be there too! Looking forward to lots of family time, good food and a maybe a little relaxing for this mama…maybe?


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