Portrait of the Week: 3/52

We almost didn’t get our portrait of the week in this week with how crazy things have been!

Joa suffered a minor burn injury when he grabbed my coffee cup at the diner we were at on Sunday ( I will eventually do a whole post on this, the scene I created at the restaurant, how I felt/feel like the worst Mama in the world for having this happen and more details on the matter at another time. He is doing awesome though and 15 mins post incident was back to eating his french toast. Such a tough guy!)

We all got hit with a terrible stomach bug Mon-Tues that luckily only lasted 6 hours a person. We also have been crossing things off our Winter Bucket List and adjusting to the new schedule of Daddy being the new Assistant Basketball Coach at the school he teaches at! Like I said, buuussssy!

BUT we made the portrait a priority this morning and got it in before all loading in the car to go to work and school. Can you spy someone who is all sorts of ready for their Preschool Holiday Program  today? 🙂 P.S Please excuse the grainy quality of these pictures as my iphone 4..yes 4 is trying to keep truckin along. Whenever I find time to make it to an AT &T store sans two kiddos I will hopefully be getting my long overdue upgrade.


3 our of 52 portrait of the week.JPG



One thought on “Portrait of the Week: 3/52

  1. Awh poor buddy!! I always get frightened where there is a freshly hot cup of coffee around. Which is a lot if I’m being honest. Yikes! Glad he bounced back quickly!

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