Girl Meets Shoes: Melissa Shoes

Where do I begin with my love for Melissa shoes?!! I know, the beginning of our love story. It all began when my Mom came back from one of her trips to our wonderful motherland Brazil. (That is where I am from by the way, Sao Paulo born but mainly raised in the USA  but that is another tale for another time.) Anyways, she came back raving about this adorable store with adorable shoes that were so cute and smelled amazing. I said “Shoes that smell amazing?!” and she said “Yes!” and its true. They have their own exclusive scent and it is fabulous I tell you!

She then showed me this precious pair of  bunny shoes she bought my three year old daughter Mia (two at that time) and they were soooooo cute! Even better than that they looked super easy to clean which, as a mom of a two year old was quite important. Mia adored her bunny shoes and wanted to wear them EVERYWHERE. They are easy for her to put on by herself as well which is a win in my book.


Melissa bunny.JPG


The next time my Mom went back to Sao Paulo she called me to tell me she discovered they also make women’s shoes! She asked if I wanted her to pick me up a pair and I quickly said “Yes!” She got me and my sister in law these fabulous Melissa + Campana flats. They are gorgeous and perfect for the holidays with just the right amount of sparkle and shine. Love, love love!

Melissa campana

She also brought Mia back these Mini Melissa Disney Twins mary janes that I just cannot get enough of!! How cute is it that Mickey and Minnie kiss when their toes touch?! Adorbs. And again, easy to clean, win win. Mia loves this pair the most and will put them on when she is playing Mommy and taking her babies out on the town. It is so fun to see her put them on and strut around like the little mama she is, #hearteyes for dayyyyss. Here is a pic of her with them when we went to the library.

Melissa Minni shoes


Most recently I came across these Melissa + Jason Wu Jean flat and Melissa +J. Maskrey Ultra Girl pairs that are just divine. Maybe if I’m a really good girl Santa will bring me a pair in a size 8 this Christmas? Santa do you hear meee?

melissa love


Melissa best



You can read more about Melissa shoes here they are eco-friendly and they have partnered with so many great designers such as Jason Wu, Karl Lagerfeld and Vivienne Westwood to name a few. Check them out, you wont be disappointed!




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