Thanksgiving 2015: Thankful For The Struggle

Throughout this week I was dreading today’s post. The obligatory feeling of “needing” to have a Thanksgiving post was taking any fun out of actually thinking about what I was thankful for. At one point I decided I wasn’t even going to write one and just do the basic photo dump post post holiday of all the happenings day of.

Then this morning, as I drank my morning coffee still exhausted from the middle of the night parties Joa decided to throw, it came rushing over me like a big ocean wave.

I am thankful for the struggle. The struggle that it is to be a mom, a parent, a provider. Those middle of the night feedings when cuddling just isn’t enough and you don’t know what on earth your baby wants. They really show you what you’re made of. They show you that eventually you willΒ figure it out because they are yours and only you can make it better.

They make you stronger, more patient, more giving, more selfless…just more.

I am thankful for the struggle that is working and being a Mom. Yes there is at least one moment daily that I wish I could stay home with my babies. But there is almost always one moment in a day where I learn something. Whether it is how to communicate better, manage my time better, think more creatively, I learn. I grow. I make new friends and bond with them over this struggle and support each other when we have hard days.

I am thankful for the struggle of being a good wife as well as a good mother. It is not easy to find time or energy for each other while both working full time jobs and having two little ones to chase around, feed, bathe, read bedtime stories to, have tea parties with and just love up all the time. BUT if you do, you will find your relationship will get stronger and closer and on another level than it ever has been before. Sure there may be more arguments but there will be more amazing moments too. Those moments only you two understand because you went through them together and survived, or laughed, or cried, or just are in awe at how great your little lives are in that moment.

So this Thanksgiving I am thankful for this beautiful struggle and all that comes with it, for I am a better person because of it and it is my biggest blessing.




Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2015: Thankful For The Struggle

  1. Bru, what an inspiring and well written posting.I am amazed at your strength and wisdom, as a parent, and as a woman. You draw strength from your friends, your life and your family. Watching you grow makes me so proud. I love you.

  2. I love this picture. I have about a hundred of them on my hard drive just like it. This is an excellent post. I wouldn’t trade it for the world! There was a time when all I wanted was a baby so I mean. Hashtag blessed right? πŸ˜‰

  3. Well said!! It’s so easy to just say you are thankful for your family. But to be thankful for the struggle is spot on! So many others would give anything to be in our shoes. Even during those times we feel we don’t have it together at all. ~Emily

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