Portrait Of The Week: 1/52

The other day as I was perusing through Instagram I noticed a post that jumped out at me. Masha had posted a beautiful pic of her and her baby girl and she talked about how she had noticed that she didn’t have many pictures with her children. I could relate. I have a bijillion pictures of my kids, just not many of me with them. Most of the ones I do I am not very put together, my hair is almost always in a top knot and it’s a selfie.

She went on to say how she then asked her husband to take a portrait once a week with her and her kids. I LOVED this idea! I may not have a lot of free time these days but I can pull it together once a week for a priceless keepsake. I know I will love looking back at these pictures and the kids will too. I debated on waiting until January 1st to start…that’s the OCD in me; but then I said that’s silly I’ll have all the more pics if I start now. So we did. With a picture of me and Joa right before we left for work/daycare…. and yes my hair is somewhat  in a bun but I put pretty braids in it and have makeup on!  And so it begins: 1/52


6 thoughts on “Portrait Of The Week: 1/52

  1. It’s so hard when you are the one always remembering to take the photos. I try and remind Matt but more often than not all I had are selfies. Which is more than generations before that’s for sure! But still. It’s nice to have.

  2. I absolutely love this idea!! I’m sharing this on my FB page. It’s a great new years resolution. I always tell my husband that if I was hit by a bus tomorrow, the kids wouldn’t remember me because there are so few photos. I’m always behind the camera. ~Emily

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