Mama Told Me, There’d Be Days Like This



Lately….well since having children really, I find myself having these moments. These crystal clear aha moments of “Ohhh that’s why my Mama did this” or “That makes so much more sense now!”

Two that have come to mind lately are ” Clean house, clean mind” and the subject of defrosting.

“Clean house, clean mind”. These past few weeks have been rough. We have all been suuuuper busy. Sometimes with fun things and sometimes with so not fun things but busy nonetheless. With weekends packed with activities, the time I usually have to clean and do laundry and just get organized went straight out the window. Week after week passed and I found myself in this continuous cycle. Stressed about all the things to do, stressed with the mess surrounding me and not being able to focus on either.

So when one weekend FINALLY presented itself with nothing on the agenda I went to work, big time. I cleaned and I cleaned and I washed and I folded and I put away and when I was finished it was the best feeeling evaaaa! Shoutout to the hubby for biting his lip on all the things HEΒ wanted/needed to do that went on the back burner so I could get it all done. And since that heavenly cleaning spree I have made it a point to not let it happen again. Every morning I unload the load of dishes I put in the night before, when I get home I throw a of laundry in EVERY NIGHT and put away the load I folded the night before. It has made such a difference in my state of mind and the state of our house obviously. I even felt a boost of productivity at work from not being stressed about the mess waiting for me at home anymore! So in summary, Mama was right: Clean house, clean mind.

Defrosting. Seems simple enough of a task. When I was growing up, my Mom was a teacher and I usually would get home from school before her, especially in high school. She would often call me and ask me to take some chicken or other protein out of the freezer to defrost. That way when she got home it would be ready to cook with. But I would forget…probably 90% of the time. She would get home and see me immersed in whatever show I was obsessed with at the time and say “Bruna! Did you not take that out of the freezer?!” and I’d be all like “What?!” jeez whats the big deal? Just take it out noowww. Well my friends, let me tell you. I have recently called my mother and apologized for this. Now I am a working mother, and realize how short those nights really are….an how long it really takes to defrost chicken.

So listen to you Mamas and do what they say, because it’s true “Mama knows best”


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