32 for the 32nd year


Since this year is soon coming to an end here are 32 random things about me on my 32nd year in life πŸ™‚

  1. I was born in Sao Paulo Brazil and my family moved to America when I was five years old. We lived in Michigan and then moved again when I was nine to Minnesota. I stayed there through most of collegeΒ spending my summers visiting family in Brazil. This has caused me to feel like a forever foreigner. An American in Brazil and a Brazilian in America. Which I love, and is weird but is me and my family and I don’t know any other way than our Bramerican ways.

2. I am a little OCD but only with things I care about. For example: I could see a sweater and fall in love with it and then will NOT stop thinking about it until it is mine. The kiddos are an obvious one too, obsessed for sure. Or like in high school when a trainer gave me a list of workouts and weights to do and I HAD to do them in the exacts same order every time. Even if it meant waiting for someone for over 10 mins to finish using a machine. Yes, I know. But on the other hand if its something I do not particularly care about or feel is important I can be completely nonchalant. Like…..HOW something gets fixed, or the quickest/most efficient route ( I prefer the scenic route).

3. I have naturally curly hair. This is a blessing and a curse. On one hand you can throw a little gel or cream or oil in your hair after a shower and air dry and you are good to go. On the other hand the second you put it up or it gets wet it is ruined and you have to start over. You can straighten it….but it takes forever and again get it wet? ruined. Blessing and curse I tell you!

4. My favorite color is pink. Has been since I was a little girl.

5. I am not a fan of vegetables but at learning to enjoy some in my thirties. My daughter LOVES them. This is a blessing I do not question.

6. I love to cook and bake. I wish I had more time to do it but I love to make a nice meal for my family and if possible all eat it together.

7. I have been to three continents and seven countries. My favorites (besides America and Brazil) were Italy and Jamaica. I hope to return to both one day with the hubby.

8. Mike proposed to me on my parents anniversary. He didn’t even realize it until right after he did it but it made it all the more special.

9. Peonies are my absolute favorite flower. They were in my wedding bouquet and I just love them. Gardenia and roses are tied for the second spot and a bouquet of all three…well is just heaven.

10. My first memory is of going to see Halley’s comet with my parents. It is fuzzy for sure but I remember it.

11. My fashion style had changed several times throughout my life but currently I’m pretty basic besidesΒ a trend or two each season IΒ Β latch onto.

12. I like to listen to music most when I am folding and putting away laundry.

13. My musical taste is all over the place from Mozart and Vivaldi to Β Led Zeppelin to Britt Britt to Brazilian music to Eric Church to Tribe Called Quest to good ol’ Deano and then some.

14. I LOVE braids. Fishtail, regular, french, on me on Mia doesn’t matter. Love, love loooove!

15. Burberry perfume is my jammy jam jam.

16. Cake used to be my all the time fav dessert but in my thirties is has changed to key lime pie, fruit tart or …..cookies random I know.

17. When I was 7(?) I was little, anyways, I broke my leg on the playground. My leg got stuck between two pieces of wood on a climber and then a mean older kid kicked my leg while it was stuck, getting it unstuck but breaking it none the less! Kids can be mean!

18. When I was fiveΒ I got the chicken pox…tough life kid.

19. I used to think I wasn’t a morning person…until I met my husband. lol

20. Rice and black beans is a staple in Brazilian cuisine and when my kiddos gobble it up and fight over it it makes me happy seeing their inner 1/2 Brazilian.

21. I am Italian- Brazilian how my husband is German-American. Meaning: My ancestors came to Brazil from Italy like Mike’s ancestors ( and Grandfather!) came to America from Germany. This is hard for a lot of people to understand because I grew up here but was not born here. My parents and the entire rest of my family were born and raised in Brazil and if it wasn’t for my Dad getting transferred we may lived there our whole lives! I often think about this and how different my life might be and how THANKFUL I am that my parents decided to move here!

22. I am always cold. I almost always have one more layer on than most and I do not know how I survive these winters each year.

23. I hate snow. Well except on Christmas. If I could I would live somewhere where it just snows on Christmas and you still see the changing fall leaves….

24. I adore the ocean. The smell of the salty air, the sand between my toes, the warm sunlight. Love it all. I hope to be able to take the kids somewhere in the near future for their first ocean experience.

25. My fave Disney Princess is Belle. Maybe because she’s the brunette? and it’s in France which is on my bucket list? and she loves to read?

26. My Dad’s side of the family has a ranch in Brazil that I adore. So many great childhood memories from there: riding horses to the pineapple fields, grilling out by the pool, picking fruit in the orchard and eating all kinds of ahhhhmazing meals. Nights on the porch with my relatives looking at the stars and hearing old stories….That place has a special place in my heart.

27. I have a younger brother Andre who is four years younger than me but I look up to in so many ways. He is much more responsible than me and at times feel more like a big brother πŸ™‚

28. My go to Starbucks drink is skinny vanilla latte but I recently tried a Misto and liked that too!

29. I love to read but never had time in college besides books for my classes and then kids.. well little ones make it hard too. But I just decided to start trying to read a little before bed each night and have been truly enjoying it. Right now I am on chapter five of Outlander and loooove it! So good! Laurie and Brittany you were right! I kinda blush every time Jaime calls Claire “Lassie” lol

30. I cry when I see any commercial, movie, show etc that has to do with elderly being disrespected/ or having a hard life or anything babies, put the two together and I. am. done.

31. I am sensitive. So much so my family jokingly call me Β “sensatron”

32. I want to hop on the essential oil bandwagon but am scared as it seems overwhelming…but also overwhelming with possibilities.


7 thoughts on “32 for the 32nd year

  1. belle is also my fav! and oh yes many italians in brazil, it seems!! i think i probably have a lot of distant relatives there. and ahhh jamie and claire! i am so jealous that you’re experiencing it for the first time!!! so good, so so good.

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